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Zhang Yixing Wins Lawsuit Against Online Rumor Mongers

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Zhang Yixing Wins Lawsuit Against Online Rumor Mongers

According to the Tianyancha App, Xiong recently added a piece of information about the person subject to execution, with an execution target of 20,000 yuan, involving an online infringement liability dispute between Zhang Yixing and Xiong. The execution court was the Beijing Internet Court. The case process information shows that the case will be heard in June 2023, and in August of the same year, the court announced that the judgment was delivered to Xiong.

Following the announcement, reviews poured in supporting the rights protection and the ruling calling for an end to smear and rumor-mongering in domestic entertainment.

On June 30, 2022, Zhang Yixing’s studio announced the follow-up results of the lawsuit against the online rumor mongers, revealing that Zhang Yixing won the lawsuit. The judgment required the rumor-mongering netizen to issue an apology letter on the rumor-mongering platform. Zhang Yixing also urged everyone not to spread rumors and vowed to use the compensation money for charity.

Zhang Yixing, born in Changsha, Hunan in 1991, gained fame as a member of the EXO group and its sub-team EXO-M in 2012. He established a personal studio in China in 2015 and gained widespread attention for joining the inspirational experience reality show “Extreme Challenge”. In 2019, Forbes ranked him 11th on China’s 100 Celebrities list. He continued to climb the ranks, landing fifth in the “2020 Forbes China Celebrity List”. In December 2021, he was named the “Hunan Taxation Service Promotion Ambassador”.

Sources: Sohu Entertainment, Maoyan Entertainment, Chongqing Morning News

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