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Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Liying, and Yang Mi Star in Chen Kexin’s “Jiaoyuan Lane”: Full Cast Announced

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Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Liying, and Yang Mi Star in Chen Kexin’s “Jiaoyuan Lane”: Full Cast Announced

“Mainland Actresses Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Liying, and Yang Mi Star in Upcoming Film ‘Jiaoyuan Lane'”

“The highly anticipated film ‘Jiaoyuan Lane’, directed by Chen Kexin and starring mainland actresses Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Liying, and Yang Mi, has officially announced its full cast. The announcement came amidst speculation and excitement from fans and netizens, who have been eagerly awaiting news about the film’s production.”

“The film crew made sure to emphasize that the roles in ‘Jiaoyuan Lane’ should be ‘arranged in the order of appearance’, in order to avoid any unnecessary quarrels among fans. This decision meant that Zhao Liying beat out Yang Mi for a certain role, much to the surprise of many followers of the actresses.”

“‘Jiaoyuan Lane’ is based on the intriguing story of ‘The Murder of Her Husband in Jiang Yuan Nong’, one of the four most mysterious cases in the Republic of China. The plot revolves around the personal destiny of the legendary woman ‘Zhan Zhoushi’, played by Zhang Ziyi. As the film nears completion and its cast list was leaked online, fans were abuzz with excitement and curiosity about the roles of Zhao Liying and Yang Mi.”

“The star-studded cast of ‘Jiaoyuan Lane’ includes 31 actors, such as Wang Chuanjun, Yi Xiang Qianxi, Lei Jiayin, Wang Yang, Li Xian, and more. With such a luxurious lineup, the film quickly became a trending topic among movie enthusiasts.”

“This project holds significant importance for director Chen Kexin, known as ‘the first Grand Slam director in the Chinese film industry’. Despite facing challenges with his previous works in mainland China, such as ‘Win the Championship’, Chen Kexin remains determined to bring ‘Jiaoyuan Lane’ to audiences worldwide.”

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“As ‘Jiaoyuan Lane’ gains recognition and even receives a nod from the Cannes International Film Festival, all eyes are on the talented trio of Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Liying, and Yang Mi. Their stellar performances are sure to captivate audiences and solidify their status as top actresses in the industry.”

“With the release of the film expected within the year, fans can look forward to witnessing these powerhouse actresses shine on the big screen. Stay tuned for more updates on ‘Jiaoyuan Lane’ and the exciting journey ahead for its talented cast.”

Overall, the film “Jiaoyuan Lane” is shaping up to be a must-watch for fans of Chinese cinema and the talented actresses involved.

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