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1,000 euros for psychotherapists in training

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The improvement is to be implemented through the “Law on the Reform of Psychotherapist Training”. With the reform, we are creating direct study in psychotherapy training and making sure that the (new) psychotherapists in further training (PiW) will be employed in the hospital in the future and paid accordingly.

So far, however, there has been no regulation for the current “Psychotherapists in training” (PiAs), who still have to complete their training according to the old rules. So far they have not benefited from the new regulations. That is why PiAs who work full-time will now receive a minimum payment of 1,000 euros per month for the training phase of the practical work.

The entitlement to remuneration only applies to persons who, during the transition phase from the old to the new training law, completed training as a psychological psychotherapist, as a psychological psychotherapist, as a child and adolescent psychotherapist or as a child and adolescent psychotherapist in accordance with the Psychotherapist Act in the version applicable until August 31, 2020 graduate The minimum remuneration of 1,000 euros is fully refinanced by the GKV. In addition, we regulate for PiAs and PiWs alike that a fixed portion of the remuneration paid by the health insurance companies for medical treatment provided by the PiWs or PiAs to the training or further education facilities is to be passed on to the prospective psychotherapists.

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