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15 Supplements to Avoid: Harmful Effects and Potential Dangers

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15 Supplements to Avoid: Harmful Effects and Potential Dangers

Fundamental in the case of overt deficiencies, supplements in reality are not always good for everyone: here are which ones to avoid altogether.

When blood tests reveal any deficiencies, your GP will likely suggest taking a specific supplement, who goes to fill that need; alternatively, we will try to make up for it through the diet. In fact, however, today the market for supplements is enormously large and many people take them on their own initiative, without first talking to their doctor. This is a mistake: here indeed 15 products that should be avoided.

Not all supplements are good for you: if there is no strict necessity, for example, we do not absorb the benefits and only increase the possibility of having some side effects. There are some, then, who can cause real problems for our body and to his health: here are what they are, what they cause and why they should be avoided.

The first supplement to avoid is aconite, called in Latin aconite or angustifolium and in English monkshood or wolfsbane. This supplement, sold to reduce inflammation, can cause respiratory problems, heart problems, vomiting, paralysis and in some cases be fatal. Also avoid the beard of the forest or usnic acid, used for weight loss or as a pain reliever, as it can cause liver damage. It causes liver damage, hepatitis and can be fatal also the common camedrium also used for weight loss or stomach problems.

We remain in the field of liver damage, also caused by supplements with Celandine, always used for stomach problems. Widely used for weight loss and anti-inflammatory treatment also the Chaparral, however, it can cause both liver and kidney damage. Let’s continue with Consolidates it also called Blackwort, used to relieve menstrual pain and cough: it can cause liver problems.

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The powdered extract of green tea, on the other hand, used for weight loss has many side effects including reduced iron absorption, dizziness, anemia and increased blood pressure and heart rate. Also Kava used to reduce anxiety, has liver damage as side effects as well as depression while Lobelia used for respiratory problems and for smoking cessation, can cause seizures, hypothermia and even coma.

Methylsynephrine used to promote weight loss and to help athletic performance, can cause cardiac arrhythmias or even cardiac arrest, while Pennyroyal Oil it is related to an increased risk of kidney failure, seizures, and liver problems. Caffeine powder, used to increase alertness, promotes arrhythmias while red yeast rice prescribed to lower cholesterol, is associated with kidney and liver damage.

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