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30 grams per day are enough to slow down aging by filling up on Omega-3s

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Dried fruit is an indispensable component in diets that aim to optimize the health of the person. Through a complete food system, in fact, many scientific studies show how great the prevention work can be carried out on numerous forms of disease. From a similar point of view, let’s try to find out what are the extraordinary properties that make almonds real elixir of long life.

Cellular aging

Almonds are a good and really healthy food for the body. However, as with any food, it is good to respect the adequate intake without exaggerating. How many almonds can you eat a day to stay healthy then? Generally, nutrition experts recommend 30-35 grams per day. This weight corresponds to about 15-20 almonds according to their size. Almonds are very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which counteract the action of free radicals against cell deterioration.

That’s why 30 grams a day are enough to slow down aging by filling up on Omega-3 contained in almonds. The “good” fatty acids can be found in other particular foods that contain them in really appreciable quantities as you can read in the article: “A mine of Omega-3 in these seeds to prevent cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases”.

Those who regularly take in the nutrients necessary for the body, favors the elimination of numerous waste products while maintaining an excellent state of health. This is why almonds could become an indispensable food in the diet for many.

30 grams per day are enough to slow down aging by filling up on Omega-3s

Almonds are a great appetizer, so they can be used during mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks for example. With a handful a day, you will immediately notice the cholesterol and blood sugar lowering effects. In addition, they contain good amounts of magnesium which helps the body in the metabolism of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates allowing energy production. It is important to eat almonds with their typical brown skin as it is very rich in essential nutrients for the body. By respecting the ideal daily quantities, the beneficial effects of taking almonds will not be long in coming.

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