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A manifesto for improving health care in Italy with and beyond the NRP

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A manifesto for improving health care in Italy with and beyond the NRP
In the Pnrr, the Government has allocated only 20.23 billion for health (out of the 222 total available to Italy)

The Italian health system will improve after Covid? Will the appropriations of the NRP be enough to correct the shortcomings? It is permissible doubt in the light of the facts. And Economy intends to contribute ideas and proposals to the best success of this challenge, starting with listening of the categories more directly involved in the national health system, especially at the level management. Often interlocutory categories not always listened to by regional administrators.

It will do so on March 14th with a conference entitled “Health Italy! Pnrr, an opportunity for change not to be wasted”Which will take place in live streaming from 9.15 to 16.30 on www.economymagazine.it, to the page facebook economymagazine.it and on the canal Youtube Of Economy Group.

Download the eve program

I speakers, authoritative, full representatives of all the institutions, professions and skills involved – at this link the complete program – will be asked to offer their point of view on things to do or to change so that the picture really improves. An arduous challenge, given the mission of reform and general revitalization of the country that the Pnrr had to perform.

The government’s point of view will be presented at the opening by the undersecretary for health Pierpaolo sileri and from the greeting of Paolo Tiramani, president of the parliamentary intergroup Sanitary emergency e recovery. It will then be the vote of all the other speakers, with their experiences and their proposals, destined to compose as a whole a “manifesto for the Italian health of tomorrow”, which is offered both to the current government and above all to those who will come for integrate – and if necessary modify – the sixth mission of the NRP, precisely the one dedicated to health care.

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And it must be said that it will probably help. With 16 billion and 63 million euros in appropriations, the salute – object of the sixth and last “mission” of the PNRR – it absorbs one modest percentage of the total of those appropriations, 7.4 per cent. All the more so if you think that the annual health expenditure current (pre-Covid) stood between 110 e i 115 billion euros in recent years. But what worries us is the absence of a methodology that dictates new and more efficient ways of managing the health system in light of what has not worked in the last two devastating years. First of all, coordination between decentralized administrative powers – the Regions, which the title 5 of Constitution entrusts the responsibility to the sector – and the ministry of Salute with its central control and steering bodies, by the Higher Health Council all’Aifa.

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