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A thousand operations performed with the surgical robot at the Ospedale Maggiore

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A thousand operations performed with the surgical robot at the Ospedale Maggiore

University Hospital of Parma Celebrates 1,000 Surgical Procedures with Da Vinci Robot

The University Hospital of Parma has reached a significant milestone, with 1,000 surgical procedures performed using the Da Vinci robot for the benefit of numerous patients. This achievement marks a major advancement in the hospital’s surgical capabilities and underscores the impact of technological innovation on medical practice.

The Maggiore di Parma robotic platform, which was launched in November 2019, has been instrumental in tripling the number of interventions in recent years, with over 360 procedures performed in 2023 alone. This record-breaking accomplishment was made possible through the collaboration and shared resources of four key departments: Urology, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, and Obstetrics and Gynecology.

According to Paolo Del Rio, director of the department of general and specialist surgery, the success of the robotic program can be attributed to the commitment to training and the exchange of knowledge between different disciplines. Del Rio emphasized the importance of sharing skills, which has allowed the hospital to expand the use of the robot across various specialties, from urology to general surgery and gynecology.

Sandra Rossi, healthcare director of the University Hospital of Parma, praised the robotic platform for enabling highly complex interventions and leveraging technological innovations. She highlighted the hospital’s commitment to putting the patient’s clinical priority at the center of the system, providing the best and most modern surgical therapy.

The surgical teams involved in the robotic program at the hospital cover a wide range of specialties, including urological surgery for prostate and kidney tumors, thoracic surgery for lung and mediastinal tumors, general surgery for colorectal and hepatobiliary surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology for oncological and benign gynecological surgery.

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The Da Vinci robot, which forms the core of the robotic platform, consists of a surgical console, a patient trolley, and a vision trolley. The system allows surgeons to control endoscopic systems and surgical instruments with precision and accuracy, while providing a high-definition 3D view of the operating field. The advanced technology of the robot minimizes operator tremors, facilitates access to challenging anatomies, and enhances precision in surgical procedures.

The implementation of the robotic program at the University Hospital of Parma was made possible by the acquisition of the Da Vinci robot, which cost 2,778,000 euros. This investment was supported by company funds and a generous donation of one million euros from the Cariparma Foundation.

The achievement of 1,000 surgical procedures using the Da Vinci robot reflects the hospital’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge surgical care and highlights the impact of advanced technology on patient outcomes. The University Hospital of Parma continues to lead the way in embracing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of patients and the medical community.

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