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Abortions: They want birthing machines | TIME ONLINE

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Abortions: They want birthing machines |  TIME ONLINE

No, a woman’s body does not belong to her. It belongs to the state. At least that’s how right-wing extremist activist Erik Ahrens, who is said to have direct connections to the AfD, sees it. Just as young men should be required to do military service, “young women could be drafted and, if suitable, required to give up eggs in order to stabilize the demographics,” Ahrens wrote last year on X, formerly Twitter.

An individual’s opinion? Ahrens says he is responsible for TikTok videos of the AfD’s top candidate for the European elections, Maximilian Krah. Although he distanced himself from Ahrens’ statement – and Ahrens himself later posted that he had “rethought his idea and rejected it as bad” – the idea behind it is widespread among right-wing radicals worldwide: they are concerned with power and domination over the female body .

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