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Approximately 735 million people suffer from hunger in the world and yet the FAO estimates that globally, 13% of food is lost in the distribution chain, from post-harvest to pre-retail and a further 17% of food it is wasted at the family level. Furthermore, many of the world‘s food systems are not sustainable, degrading agricultural land, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss, and consuming groundwater. In fact, agri-food systems are responsible for a third of total greenhouse gas emissions. Pre- and post-production processes in agri-food systems emit significant quantities of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that mainly results from the decomposition of solid food waste in landfills and open dumps. For this reason, the reduction of food losses and waste, in addition to representing an important climate strategy as it leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, can play a key role in the transformation of agri-food systems, as it leads to greater availability of food, contributes to food security, promotes healthy diets and builds resilience. FAO recalls that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aims to halve the amount of food waste per capita globally, at the distribution and consumption levels, and to reduce food losses along production and supply chains. Therefore, in anticipation of the International Day of Awareness against Food Waste, which is celebrated on 29 September, FAO underlines that only a few years remain to achieve this objective and therefore that the urgency of increasing action to reduce losses and Food waste cannot be underestimated. “Reducing food loss and waste offers immediate climate benefits, while improving the overall sustainability of our food systems, a non-nutritional transformation needed for current and future generations,” he concludes. (HANDLE).
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