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All things have happened to the curse of the gods? The live host “Crazy Photo” is afraid of explosion: the next one is not me | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

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Entertainment Center / Zhan Yirui Report

This year, Taiwan’s live events and Internet celebrity circles continue to talk about topics, and they have repeatedly appeared on the news pages of major media. However, netizens have paid more attention to the fact that almost everything is related to “Asian God” Zhang Jiahang, such as Toyz, Xiaoyu, Xiao The incidents such as Liang have caused many other live hosts to take pictures together, worrying about “Will it be me next?”.

▲ Zhang Jiahang, the leader of Asia, has a lot of topics this year. (Picture/Retrieved from Traditions’ Facebook)

1. Toyz, Xiaoyu, and Xiaoliang have accidents one after another.

Sorting out all the major events of this year, Taiwan’s BYG member “Xiao Liang” of the professional e-sports team in Taiwan had a bet of 50,000 yuan with Tongshen. The air was too high. As a result, although the BYG team advanced into the World Championship, it ended up with an outbreak of gambling disputes among members and was eliminated in the absence of major players.

Former e-sports professional player and YouTube “Toyz” Liu Weijian, Zeng and Tongshen were torn apart in a game industry, and even spread to the entire live circle. At that time, the major forums blew towards Toyz, causing Tongshen to be criticized. In the live broadcast, she shed tears, and even told Toyz to roll back to Hong Kong and fight endlessly. As a result, Toyz was found by the police to be suspected of drug trafficking. He is currently being held in the Taichung Detention Center.

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One million YouTube Xiaoyu (Zhu Yuchen) was arrested on suspicion of embezzling female faces to make fake porn videos and illegally profited more than tens of millions. The result was also revealed by netizens. In fact, Xiaoyu has also cooperated with Tongshen in game industry and commerce. In addition, Xiaoyu’s friend “Xiaoxiao” also had a choking quarrel with Tongshen, but both Xiaoyu and Xiaoxiao had an accident.

▲ The fate of Toyz, Xiao Liang, and Xiao Yu all sparked heated discussions among netizens. (Photo/Retrieved from Toyz, Xiaoliang, Xiaoyu Facebook)

2. Powerful tips, e-sports phoenix.

Nowadays, Jufan, the live host and internet celebrities who are opposed to, taking photos, and in the same frame, etc. have accidents, which have also caused alternative topics among netizens. For this reason, Tongshen has been given the title of “e-sports phoenix”, as long as the traffic popularity is sluggish. At that time, something would come to praise him, and people laughed at him and said it was a “powerful kit.”

According to “Bahamut” netizens, the former staff of Tongshen left three tips before leaving, and told them to take apart one as long as the live number is less than 500. The results were in the “Tongshen midnight car accident “”, “Second-hand market stalls called the Ke Wenzhe incident”, “The War of Chairs Incident” worked well.

▲Tongshen called the Ke Wenzhe incident at the flea market in February this year, and ended up having a meal with Ke Wenzhe himself. (Picture/Retrieved from Super Smash Bros. Game, Ke Wenzhe Facebook)

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▲ In 2019, Tongshen was surrounded by a car accident with a wicked boy, and the other party was killed by a meat search. (Picture/Flip the picture)

3. “Who is the next one?”

At present, many live broadcasters, including overloaded (Zhang Jiasheng: has been permanently banned by Twitch), Ou Xiaoxian, Hualun, Baili Berry (posting was punished by Facebook), etc., have hurriedly turned out the photos of the past with Tongshen , They were worried about “Ah Hang…I won’t be the next one, right?”, “I heard that the people who took photos with the gods…the recent series of incidents, I really hope it’s just a coincidence.” …” In addition, some fans worry that Xiao Jingteng’s recent performance will also be affected.

▲ (Bottom right) Overloaded with a group photo with Tongshen. (Photo/Retrieved from Overload Facebook)

▲Ou Xiaoxian also posted a photo with Tongshen. (Photo/Retrieved from Ou Xiaoxian’s Facebook)

▲Xiao Jingteng was dissatisfied with the negative reviews given by Toyz to the restaurant, and also made Xiao Jingteng on the bar. (Photo/Provided by Magpie Entertainment, Tongshen Facebook)

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