Home Health Apple cider vinegar in the tub, the results are phenomenal: why you should give it a try

Apple cider vinegar in the tub, the results are phenomenal: why you should give it a try

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Apple cider vinegar in the tub, the results are phenomenal: why you should give it a try

Using apple cider vinegar for our bathroom will give us benefits we never thought we would have. Here are which ones.

Vinegar in the tub – Nanopress.it

During our life we ​​live in hectic moments and very often we find ourselves arriving at the end of the day very tired and exhausted and looking forward to having a good time. hot bath to be able to relax.

This is a very special moment in our life and there are many people who, even with a simple shower, manage to relax and sweep away the thoughts of an entire day.

Apple cider vinegar: how to use it while bathing

Furthermore, dedicating time to personal hygiene and body care is something that has always been important and is considered an intimate moment in which no one can invade our private sphere.

Apple cider vinegar: here's how to use it in the tub
Apple cider vinegar – Nanopress.it

There are those who, to make the moment even more relaxing, use objects that serve to make the atmosphere more magical before immersing themselves in their own tub filled with water.

Many tend to light aromatic candles and use a soft light to create the perfect harmony for their bathroom, as well as the use of music suited to our tastes and the bubble bath we use to prolong the long-awaited moment.

Apple cider vinegar: here's how to use it in the tub
Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman – Nanopress.it

Suffice it to say that the moment of the bath is so important that in some films some important scenes have been dedicated to this moment. Like that of Psycho where a murder takes place during the shower or even that of Pretty Woman where a fantastic Julia Roberts in the role of Vivian sings inside a jacuzzi then bargains the price to spend all the time with Richard Gere.

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Or again in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Firethe protagonist manages to solve the enigma of the golden egg just as he is taking a bath under the advice of his friend Cedric Diggory.

Relaxing and enjoying bath time is therefore very important but not everyone knows that there is a method to ensure that our body benefits from many essential components thanks to a blend that includes apple cider vinegar.

The relaxing bath

This ingredient, in addition to being used in the culinary field and being an accomplice in diets due to its slimming properties, also has pest control and above all detoxifying properties.

Therefore, especially in the autumn and winter period when a hot bath could warm us from the cold outside, the use ofapple cider vinegar in the bathtub it will be a real cure-all.

Thanks to its characteristics it is able to eliminate toxins and just add to a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, a sprig of rosemary along with some drop of lavender essential oil joined to a cup of betonic clay and to one of Hall Epson.

Once mixed, pour the mixture into our tub, previously filled with water and immerse yourself inside to ensure that the harmful toxins are released and our body relaxes and impregnates itself with the substances of the created formula.

Apple cider vinegar: here's how to use it in the tub
Relaxing bath – Nanopress.it

To ensure that our body benefits fully, it is advisable to repeat this procedure at least once a week and it is always better to ensure that there is a pleasant atmosphere around us.

So you have to make sure that no one disturbs us and that there is the right atmosphere, perhaps using candles that can release the scents we love most, accompanied by the music of our favorite singers.

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After some time immersed in our tub with this solution and the right atmosphere around us, we will feel regenerated and we can’t wait to repeat this experience the following week.

But be careful not to overdo theapple cider vinegaras too much may cause skin injury.

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