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Apple WatchOS 9, the news for health and fitness coming soon – breaking latest news

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Apple WatchOS 9, the news for health and fitness coming soon – breaking latest news
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With the update of the Apple Watch operating system, there are new features such as the Drugs app, sleep phase monitoring and greater customization of workouts

Health and fitness are the two cornerstones that now guide most of the new features related toApple Watch, the most advanced watch – to date – on this front. And here on the occasion of the WWDC, the Cupertino developer conference, several innovations were announced that we will see appear on the dial (and on the iPhone screen) with the new operating systems arriving in the fall. This is a journey that began many years ago – he told us Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer di Apple – and the further we go, the more we understand that these devices, which stay with people every day, have become an essential part of their lives. The parameters for monitoring health and physical activity are built on two key points: Everything we do must be based on science. The second fundamental aspect is the privacy: the data remains encrypted inside the device. And this is even more important when it comes to people’s health.

The Atrial Fibrillation History feature

For several years, Apple has been working to provide tools to monitor our heart health. From heartbeat to electrocardiogram, features are refined as the watch can become an ally not only for those who are already aware of suffering from a disease, but also for prevention. What’s new with WatchOS 9 is Atrial Fibrillation History, a disease that can cause stroke if left untreated. The target enable the user to constantly monitor the frequency of atrial fibrillation episodes over time, which is currently impossible to do except with heavy repercussions on one’s daily life. What we can do each with these devices is to collect more information. We notify so many people about atrial fibrillation, who didn’t know they had it because it was asymptomatic. And this is an example of how we can change the world of health, adds Jeff William. Confirm your words Sumbul Desai, vice president of Health at Apple: The Apple Watch will become an incredible tool for monitoring this pathology, to understand how this affects your lifestyle and vice versa. Not only do people become more aware of their condition, but they can also have a more active conversation with their doctor. The feature will initially be available in the United States and will be expanded worldwide.

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New ways to track sleep

Another big step forward that the Apple Watch will take with WatchOS 9 on the sleep monitoring front. Now they can be analyzed the stages we go through while we sleepthanks to data from the accelerometer and heart rate sensor. Light sleep, REM sleep or deep sleep: understanding how much time we spend in each of these spheres is important to understand if we are resting enough: We wanted to deepen this sphere because it is fundamental for our daily life – points out Sumbul Desai – We know that if a person does not get enough sleep there can be an impact on health risks. The science of sleep has yet to be understood and analyzed, so we would really like this new information to be useful for delve further into what happens while we sleep.

The Drugs app

A useful data, which with the new version of the operating system can be monitored through Apple Watch, taking medicine. The Medicines app has been introduced, through which the user can organize his calendar for taking medicines, but also supplements and vitamins. It is difficult to remember, but also to understand what the medicines are for. According to several studies 50 percent of chronic disease medicines are not taken as prescribed by the doctorand this lack can have a significant impact not only on the patient but also on the entire healthcare system – Sumbul Desai explains – It is also important to know more about medicines and understand the effects and interactions with other drugs. The data can also be shared with a trusted person, a useful feature for that generation that has to take care of their aging parents.

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The news for fitness

Fitness is a sector in which Apple invests a lot. Also because, as he says Jay Blahnik, Cupertino Vice President of Fitness Technologies, being active is perhaps the most important thing we can do for our health. Several news on this front, starting with a major one personalization of the monitoring of one’s sporting activity. The Training app now allows you to change the screen that shows the various metrics collected by the Apple Watch. To change it, just turn the Digital Crown. Screens can be created individually, or you can use the suggested ones. There is also the possibility of creating personalized workoutswith work and rest intervals according to one’s needs, of insert goals to be achieved (for example the number of kilometers to go or the calories to burn) and to create training courses to repeat. And then they were inserted new metrics, especially useful for running: stride length, ground contact time and vertical oscillation. Finally been added training for triathleteswhich combines different sports in one workout. Fitness+the program created by Apple with different types of physical activity, in the autumn can also be exploited for those who do not own an Apple Watch – the parameters are calculated through the iPhone – and for those who do not own an Apple TV: thanks to AirPlay, be broadcast on third-party TV.

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