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Autism, a free app for children’s families is born

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With “AutiSmile” it will be easier to find a dentist or a hairdresser to take the children to

PALERMO – The social cooperative Tma Group Onlus, together with other parents ‘associations, has presented a new free app for the families of autistic children and teens: “AutiSmile”‘. Sometimes just taking your child to a hairdresser for a regular haircut can be extremely complicated. As well as finding a dentist, an ENT who can intervene in the right time and manner for the child with this disorder.

For this reason the doctors Giovanni Caputo and Giovanni Ippolito, psychologists and psychotherapists have created this app, created thanks to the contribution of the Vodafone foundation which through the Oso project has allocated most of the funds necessary for this application, developed thanks to Gulliver srl. AutiSmile is an app also designed for professionals, operators, associations, institutions, rehabilitation centers and all those who care and deal with people with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities.

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