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Cases boom among nurses, almost 5 thousand in 30 days – Healthcare

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“Infections of health workers are growing dramatically, close to 5 thousand in the last 30 days. What are the Regions waiting for to adopt the Veneto criterion, which has led to the frequency of tampons every 4 days? What are they waiting for to constantly measure the levels of coverage? vaccine? “. This is the alarm raised by Antonio De Palma, president of the Nursing Up nurses union, who asks the regions to “secure health care workers with a poor immune response, even if vaccinated with 2 or 3 doses”. In the midst of the fourth wave, he adds, “we cannot afford such an inhomogeneous contrast plan”.

Based on the numbers of the Nursing Up report, the result of the processing of ISS and INAIL data, 4,684 health professionals became infected in the last 30 days, equal to approximately. “This means that today, always taking into account the Inail percentages of nurses who become infected with respect to the totality of the sector (82%), 156 health workers are becoming infected every 24 hours, and of these as many as 128 are nurses”, explains De Palma.

We must not forget, he continues, “that the boulder of new hospitalizations weighs on the shoulders of nurses”, who are not only the most exposed to risk, but also those who must “bear the delicate impact of a Covid-19 bed occupation. “. Criticalities that are added to a shortage of personnel that “reaches 80-85 thousand when hospitalizations reach their peak” following the fourth pandemic wave. In particular, in Emilia Romagna, “health care infections are on the rise and companies have once again blocked nurses’ holidays”. In Campania “the situation is becoming more and more difficult day by day, with infections of health workers at San Giovanni Bosco, where there is a cluster in progress and still infections are reported at the Ospedale del Mare and in Sorrento”. In Friuli Venezia Giulia, “the situation is among the most critical with 13 operators infected in the last 48 hours”.

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