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Challenges and Security Measures at the San Marcos Admission Exam for Human Medicine

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Challenges and Security Measures at the San Marcos Admission Exam for Human Medicine

The San Marcos Admission Exam begins for the Human Medicine career

According to the results of the first and second days of the UNMSM admission exam, 17 majors had less than 10 entrants. – Credit: UNMSM

At the stroke of 10:00 am and following the established protocol of each year, the alarm sounds that marks the beginning of the admission exam. For a period of 3 hours, more than 4,000 students will be in charge of solving more than 100 questions in order to reach the 88 vacancies for the Human Medicine career this year 2024-II. The completion of this exam is scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

Rector Jerí Ramón indicated that this year security measures were taken to the extreme for the development of the admission exam. “We want the mafias to disappear once and for all, which damage the image of San Marcos and harm the students, taking away their vacancies,” commented the highest university authority.

Extreme security measures implemented to prevent fraud. Composition Infobae/El Peruano

The more than 4,000 applicants who aspire to one of the 88 vacancies in the Human Medicine career were subjected to various identity checks and other reviews in order to avoid possible criminal acts that could be perpetrated during the exam. For this reason, agents from the Prosecutor’s Office, the PNP and other security personnel at the institution searched for possible microphones or other devices in the students’ ears and even their shoes.

From the UNMSM Faculty of Economic Sciences, Rector Jeri Ramón supervises the development of the admission process. | RTV San Marcos

In the course of the previous activities for the performance of the admission exam, the rector of the university made the now traditional visits to the classrooms of the applicants for the Human Medicine career. During her speech, rector Jerí Ramón questioned the energy of the students, pointing out that “it was time for them to wake up” and wishing them the best of luck.

After the entrance time for the admission exam for the Human Medicine career has passed, a group of police officers head to the outskirts of the University City to establish the respective door closures. The exam will start at 10:00 am

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In the 2024-II admission process, more than 23 thousand students will try to obtain a vacancy for UNMSM. – Credit: Paula Elizalde/Infobae Peru

After 8:30 in the morning on Sunday, March 17, authorities and security personnel proceeded to close the entrance doors of the University City in order to continue with the procedures to begin the admission exam, the same as starts at around 10:00 am

The Admission Exam Regulations 2024-II establishes that the applicant who does not arrive at the indicated time or who does not show up on the day of the test will not be refunded the money paid for registration.

Police help applicant arrive on time for his San Marcos exam

The time for the closing of the doors of the Admission Exam for young people applying to the Human Medicine area of ​​San Marcos is getting closer and closer. On previous occasions, situations have been recorded in which students have done the unimaginable to arrive on time to take their exam.

Scammers, identity thefts and criminals who commit fraud are targeted by the authorities during the Admission exam.

As detailed by authorities such as the comptroller’s office, the PNP and the Prosecutor’s Office, during these Admission exams, the crimes perpetrated by various applicants seeking a vacancy within the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos are identity theft or fraud. For this reason, not only Comptrollers, notaries and ombudsmen have been provided, but also police experts in high-tech intelligence and agents of the Public Ministry.

After the doors of the Dean University of America had opened, it was decided that the security protocol would be redoubled. In the area, the presence of high-tech intelligence police has been arranged. Likewise, members of the National Prosecutor’s Office from the crime prevention area were also at the scene, in order to prevent criminal acts.

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This Sunday is the Medicine admission exam: minimum score and vacancies for the most requested career at the UNMSM

With more than 4 thousand applicants, Human Medicine has positioned itself as the most requested academic program at UNMSM. Check all the details of the last date of the 2024-II admission exam

By Bibiana Guardamino Soto
This Sunday, March 17, the 2024-II admission exam for the Human Medicine career will be held. – Credit: UNMSM/Andina

In the midst of the development of the 2024-II admission exam, the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) is preparing for its last pending evaluation date, which corresponds to applicants for the Human Medicine career. In this way, on Sunday, March 17, one of the most anticipated events will take place for those who wish to join the renowned house of studies.

Results from the Health Sciences area will be published this Sunday afternoon. GOOSE.

As detailed by the Central Admission Office (OCA) of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, although the exams have been carried out on different dates, the results of the health sciences area will be published together. This means that to know the final results you must wait for the Human Medicine exam to end this Sunday, March 17.

The link to consult the final scores and who accessed a vacancy will also be published by Infobae Perú, as soon as it is revealed.

How to get to the University of San Marcos to take the Admission Exam?

Entry doors for the 2024-II admission exam

As detailed by the Central Admission Office, there are a total of 5 access routes from different parts of the university city of San Marcos to be able to take the exam.

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Door 1: whose entrance is through Venezuela Avenue and allows access to the Faculties of Biological Sciences, Metallurgical Engineering and Geological Engineering.

Door 3: whose access route is through Germán Amezaga Street and allows entry to the faculties of Administrative, Social and Accounting Sciences.

Door 5: which can also be accessed from Germán Amezaga Street, but leads to the University Clinic.

Doors 6 and 7: These two doors also have access to Germán Amezaga Street.

UNMSM Admission Exam entry time.

As detailed on the official website of said university, the doors will be open to receive applicants from 6:00 am on Sunday the 17th until 8:30 am on the same day.

What other dates are included in the 2024-II admission exam period?

San Marcos 2024 admission exam LIVE: Link with results of today’s test to the Health Sciences area

Nearly 4 thousand applicants came to the University City today to try to win a vacancy in the Health Sciences careers, with the exception of Human Medicine, whose test will take place tomorrow, Sunday, March 17

Full details of the grades obtained, as well as the specific place each participant occupies in the order of merit, will be available at this LINK. Those who have managed to surpass the threshold required to obtain a vacancy will see a special “reached vacancy” badge next to their names.

How many applicants take the test this Sunday for the Human Medicine degree?

This Sunday, March 17, the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) has scheduled the execution of the 2024 Admission Exam in its in-person modality and for the area of Human Medicine. This career is, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after nationally and internationally, which is why, until the end of last year, a total of 5,383 applicants had been counted for it, who aspire to reach one of the 55 vacancies enabled this year.

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