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The consequences of Chickenpox you don’t expect, the sneaky dangers of this disease

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The consequences of Chickenpox you don’t expect, the sneaky dangers of this disease

Many do not suspect that the consequences of Chickenpox can be really serious, especially if an adult is ill.

Chickenpox is a disease that we associate with the evolutionary period, because it occurs mainly in children. But what if we get sick as adults? Better to know what you could get into.

Chickenpox if taken by adults can be dangerous – InformazioneOggi.it

Currently the chickenpox vaccine is mandatory and included in the vaccination calendar, but only for children born in 2017 onwards. Those born previously have contracted the disease naturally or have undergone vaccination because it is still recommended.

Many adults who are 40 or older today may have become ill as children or may never have encountered the virus. In this second case they could be at risk due to the complications of the disease.

Can the consequences of Chickenpox in adults be serious? Factors to keep in mind

The varicella it is a disease of viral origin, and it is caused by the Varicella-Zoster virus. Children fall ill more frequently if they are not vaccinated, due to the contagiousness of the disease, which spreads by direct contact or close contact with infected people.

The heart, although rarely, can be damaged by chicken pox – InformazioneOggi.it

The symptoms are known and easily identifiable: first the fever appears, often very high, and then the classic blisters which are very itchy and spread all over the body.

In addition to the unvaccinated, all people are potentially at risk. The immune protection remains for a long time but the Varicella virus is latent and in some cases it can reappear in the form of Herpes-Zoster.

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However, if an adult person falls ill with Chickenpox, the symptoms that cause discomfort in children can get worse and cause complications.

Often occurs a increased infection starting from the pustules and vesicles; in these cases it becomes more difficult to care for the skin.

Furthermore some subjectsmaybe at that moment weakened in defenses, they can run into pneumonia: the varicella pneumonia can also lead to hospitalization and take a long time to cure, and/or leave a long-lasting aftermath.

In predisposed people, genetically or because smokersor with other pre-existing diseases, the Chicken pox can affect the heart muscle and trigger one myocarditis or one vasculitis.

Although rarely, theChickenpox can trigger even more dangerous inflammations, such as encephalitis. It is a serious infection that affects the brain and has very harmful potential implications.

Finally, let us recall that if a pregnant woman gets Chickenpox, there are risks to the fetus.

In the event of illness, the treatments provided for adults are those that soothe the symptoms, such as i medicines to lower fever and skin treatments for itchy blisters. In case of severe symptoms the doctor may prescribe antivirals or decide according to the patient’s situation.

To protect yourself from the complications of chickenpox it is advisable ask your doctor if you should get the vaccinewhich of course also exists for adults, evevaluate with him the pros and cons of vaccination. Otherwise you can avoid being close to infected people as much as possible in order not to incur the disease.

(the information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies or publications in medical journals. Therefore, they do not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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