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Co-developed with Zedd! Riot debuts its flagship sound styling

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Today (8) Riot Games announced the design concept of a new style

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Today (8) Riot Games announced the design concept of a new style “Light Dazzling Sound Spectrum” Picture: Riot Game

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Since the launch of “Special Warlord”, the stylish and cool style has always attracted the attention of many players. Today (8) Riot Games announced the design concept of the new style “Light and Dazzling Sound Spectrum” and interviewed the co-branded singer G+D. (Zedd) and the development team, Guangxuan Sound Spectrum is the first series of main sound effects in “Special War Hero”, full of elements of electronic sound ripples. This time it is co-created with the award-winning singer and player G+D. Have different meanings.

The theme styles presented in the “Light and Hyun Sound Spectrum” this time are ripples, main sound effects, brisk, sci-fi, and colorful. When the development team mentioned the design concept of “Light Xuan Sound Spectrum”, Preeti Khanolkar, senior producer of Riot Games “Special Warfare Heroes”, said: “The light Xuan sound spectrum modeling is the boldest and most complex shape we have ever produced. “Extreme Dragon Flame” is also complicated. The new features of “Light Hyun Sound Spectrum” are much more than any existing style. We often say that each style must have a wonderful design that will make people scream “Wow!” I think this shape will make people “wow!”. For example, when the player moves on the map, the visual effects and accent color of this shape will continue to change. Similarly, the ending effect color will also vary depending on the location of the kill, even Whether the radiation core is installed successfully or not, the end effects are also different! We not only added unique sound effects when viewing weapons, but these sounds are different for each weapon! So players can switch back and forth between illusions, standard pistols and melee weapons, Enjoy the procedural sound effects of different versions of each weapon! Another point, although it cannot be said to be a new feature, but also very special is that in this joint cooperation, G+D has invested a lot in modeling sound effects, not only checking the sound effects, but also There are launch sound effects, melee swipes, graffiti sound effects, and end effects sound effects! I only recently told G+D that he is now officially a video game developer!

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And Stefan Jevremovic, senior visual effects designer of Riot Games “Special Warfare Heroes”, said: “Visual effects are a very important element of the “light and dazzling sound spectrum”. We want to create a unique look! So we make nightclub-like colors through visual effects, and make all the sounds from the gun match its visual effects. We also turned the end effects into an ultimate nightclub experience. If we didn’t work with our technical team, sound effects team, and visual effects team to build a system that can recognize sound waves and convert them into visual effects, none of this can be done. G+D also assists us in finding the right direction in terms of visual language and visual effects equalizer design. “

And speaking of the challenges in this batch of modeling, Chris Stone, senior weapon designer of Riot Games “Special Warlord”, said: “In the past, when designing styling, we first developed a model, and then made visual effects and sound effects based on the model. The design process of “Light Hyun Sound Spectrum” is completely opposite: first there are sound effects, then visual effects, and finally the model. This makes us have to rethink the way of making shapes in the past, but this process is also very interesting and challenging, so that we can finally make the best finished product. “

As a veteran player, the team also interviewed his thoughts on playing “Special Combat Heroes” and gave some suggestions to players who want to step in. He thought that he should find his handy mouse sensitivity, and then practice repeatedly, which is good for building muscles. Memorization is very helpful. In addition, communication and coordination and positive team spirit may be the most important advantages in “Special Warlords”. After each match, he always greets his teammates and then asks everyone what role they want to play. Unleashing positive energy from the beginning can increase team morale and improve everyone’s performance.

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Riot Games announces and

© Provided by New Head Shell
Riot Games announces and “Light Dazzling Sound Spectrum” modeling series Photo: Riot Game

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