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Color diet: how it is and how it works, lose weight in 7 days

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Color diet: how it is and how it works, lose weight in 7 days

Today we present to you the color diet. An innovative and functional method to lose weight in a healthy way.

Are you looking for a healthy and effective diet to lose weight naturally? There color diet it might be what you are looking for. Based on the concept that each color of fruit and vegetables offer specific health benefits, this diet allows you to get a variety of essential nutrients while losing weight.

The Color Diet focuses on the importance of consuming a wide range of colorful foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to ensure a balanced supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Each color is associated with different nutrients and beneficial properties for the body. If you are ready to undertake a path to a healthier diet and sustainable weight lossthe color diet could be the solution you were looking for.

How does the color diet work?

The Color Diet plan to consume foods of different colors every day of the weekwithout having to count calories. We start with white, including cauliflower, bananas and garlic, while on the second day we switch to red with apples, cherries, beets and tomatoes, rich in lycopene. The third day is devoted to orange foods such as carrots and oranges, followed by yellow foods that contain carotenoids that are beneficial for the heart. The fifth day focuses on green with green apples, broccoli, cucumbers and spinach, while the sixth day focuses on purple foods such as blueberries and berries, rich in antioxidants. Finally, Sunday is rainbow day, with the possibility of mixing foods of all colors. This approach allows you to vary your diet and benefit from the specific nutritional properties offered by each color.

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The color diet and its effectiveness – (tantsalute.it)

So the color diet for 7 days is based on the consumption of fruits and vegetables of different colors, since are rich in phytochemicals, plant compounds that offer numerous health benefits. According to the National Cancer Institute, it is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables of all colors, exceeding the classic five servings a day. Experts suggest increasing your intake to 9-10 servings per day to get a wide variety of nutrients from different color groups. Phytocompounds are substances found only in plants, which are produced to protect the plant itself. Color pigments mainly fall into the carotenoid and anthocyanin categories. It is estimated that there are thousands of different phytocompounds, each with its own beneficial properties.

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