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Smart working extended, but only in private: here are the dates and the news. And for tourism workers there is “the summer bonus”

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Smart working extended, but only in private: here are the dates and the news.  And for tourism workers there is “the summer bonus”

Smart working for the frail and parents with children under 14 is extended until the end of the year. But only for those who work in the private sector. For public administration employees, the postponement is still on standby, waiting for the necessary resources to be found. The solution will arrive on Tuesday, when the Senate’s social affairs commission will resolve the last issues (related to coverage) of the employment decree. In the balance there is also relief for those who hire caregivers. While the last obstacle in terms of fringe benefits seems to have been overcome, which however remain in the original version, i.e. only for workers with children. “We have found the coverage that was missing: 190 million which will serve” to exempt fringe benefits also from social security contributions, assures the minister for relations with Parliament Luca Ciriani, announcing that the change will come with an amendment by the speaker which will be voted on on Tuesday. “It is a sign of coherence with respect to the announcements made and it is an aid to families because it is pure corporate welfare,” he explains.

On payment

However, the hypothesis, which emerged during the work in the commission, of broadening the audience to include workers without children is skipped: the measure remains the one defined by the government in the decree, which brings the tax-free threshold for “compensation in kind” granted by employers work (from meal vouchers to bill bonuses) from the current 258 euros to 3 thousand only for employees with dependent children. With the new amendment, the benefits within that threshold will therefore be net of taxes and also of contributions. However, the proposal that emerged in the commission to raise the ceiling to a thousand euros for everyone, plus 660 euros for each child, is not set aside: the idea of ​​the majority is to propose it again for next year in a more organic measure. Then, but only partially, the smart working game, which expires on June 30 for the frail (both in the public and in the private sector) and for parents with children up to 14 years of age (in the private sector only). The extension was guaranteed until 31 December for frail people and parents of under 14s, but only in the private sector. For the PA, an in-depth study is still underway to find the necessary resources and the solution will arrive on Tuesday.

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At decontribuzione

The coverage node also hangs in the balance another change approved in the commission, the total decontribution for 3 years for those who hire or stabilize caregivers who assist non self-sufficient elderly people: the measure is under the light of the Budget commission. Meanwhile, other changes are arriving for the beneficiaries of the new instrument that replaces the citizen’s income, the inclusion allowance: those who can be employed with children under the age of 14 will be required to accept permanent offers only within 80 kilometers or 2 hours of travel with the means; moreover, the audience of beneficiaries also extends to those being treated in the social-health services. News also for fixed-term contracts: within the first 12 months they can be not only extended but also renewed “freely”, without the foreseen reasons. In addition, the family booklets, to pay for small housework or babysitting, can also be purchased in tobacconists.

The positions of the parties

But the strong opposition of the oppositions remains high on the measure: the Democratic Party denounces the rejection of changes aimed at helping women victims of violence, the M5s speaks of slammed doors in the face of protections, for Avs the majority worsens the government text. On the other hand, the League is satisfied and assures: it will create more jobs. “It is a complex and organic provision”, summarizes the rapporteur Paola Mancini (FdI), who underlines the “indefatigable commitment in the commission”: some amendments remain suspended, but the goal now is to dismiss the provision by Tuesday to bring it to the Chamber Wednesday.

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Increase to those who work in tourism

In the evening, a summer bonus for tourism workers is added to the package. The intervention establishes that for the period from 1 June 2023 to 21 September 2023, workers in the tourism sector, including thermal establishments, are “recognised a sum by way of special supplementary treatment, which does not contribute to the formation of income, equal to 15% of the gross wages paid in relation to night work and overtime work”.

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