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Stabbed at the playground in Annecy: all 4 children seriously injured

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Stabbed at the playground in Annecy: all 4 children seriously injured

All 4 children injured in today’s attack ad Annecyin France, are in “very serious” conditions, according to what was reported at a press conference in the French Haute-Savoie city by the prosecutor, Line Bonet-Mathis. One of them was transferred to Genevaanother a Grenoble. For two of the children, the prognosis is guarded. According to Bonet-Mathis, they are a 2 and 3 year old brother and sister, a 22 month old Dutch boy and a 3 year old English girl, who were in Annecy for tourism. The assault, with a knife, took place at 9:45 in a small park equipped with games in a garden. According to some rumors, the attacker shouted: in the name of Jesus Christ

Who is the aggressor

The Syrian bomber of Annecy is called Abdalmasih H., according to local sources, and entered French territory legally. He was wounded by the police and he too is currently in hospital, under custody.

The bomber is 32 years old, had applied for asylum last November in France, according to a police source quoted by Bfmtv. In April he was granted refugee status in Sweden. The investigations are entrusted to the judicial police.

Terrorism is not a privileged track

At the moment “no terrorist motive emerges” in the Annecy attack committed by a Syrian against several people including children: the prosecutor said this in a press conference on the shores of Lake Annecy, broadcast live on TV.

And witness

According to the first testimonies, the man began to “jump”, then “to shout” and “directed towards the strollers, starting to rage “with the knife, over and over, on the children”: this is the story of Ferdinand, one of the witnesses of the Annecy bombing, reported by The Parisian. Another witness, Anthony, said he saw “children and a mother on the ground”: “when the attacker saw that he was surrounded by police, he walked towards a couple and went directly with the knife against a grandfather , who was there with his wife, and stabbed him”.

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