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comes the magic pill? I study

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comes the magic pill?  I study

A Magic Pill Coming That Could Eliminate Obesity Forever. This makes you lose weight without making any physical effort. Let’s find out what the experts say.

With the arrival of summer everyone is trying to get back in shape before the fateful costume test. Often, however, it is too late and it is not possible to lose these annoying extra kg. Now, however, a pill could arrive on the market that would be able to fight obesity. Are you curious to find out what it is? Let’s see it together.

Obesity: the pill that makes you lose weight without exercise is coming

Who wouldn’t like to stay fit without having to make any kind of effort? Surely everyone, it is certain that if it comes to obesity, they would try to change their lifestyle.

A team of British scientists recently published a study that could change the fate of people struggling with obesity forever. The research was carried out at the Stanford University of Medicine he was born in Baylor College of Medicinewith the guidance of Dr. Yong Xu.

Scientists have managed to make a surprising discovery by making an obesity pill. This was created from an amino acid called Lac-Phe.

The team’s goal was to investigate what might be the link between strenuous physical activity and a temporary reduction in appetite. Dr. Xu himself tried to figure out how to have a reduction in appetite immediately after doing a workout.

His discovery left the entire research team speechless. In fact, thanks to his analysis it emerged that the lactate and phenylanine they are responsible for reducing appetite.

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These are two fundamental molecules of the metabolic process, and they are also an important ally for those who want to lose weight.

But let’s find out in detail if the obesity pill really works.

Pill against obesity: here is the study

Those who want to lose weight but do not have the opportunity to train due to heart problems or other conditions, could breathe a sigh of relief. Scientists recently made a surprising discovery for those with weight problems and unable to lose weight.

We are talking about a pill that could revolutionize the world of medicine, its name is Lac-Phe. This was recently tested on some obese mice, they were given the amino acid.

Pill against obesity
Obesity: is there really a pill to eliminate it? Here is the truth

The results are surprising, after a few days the mice had a reduction in food intake of up to 50%. But not only have they also lost a lot of weight. All without any kind of side effect.

After ten days of administration, the mice had reduced body weight and tolerated glucose better. Obviously, it will take some time before being tested on humans, but the results are truly amazing.

What do you think about it?

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