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Contraceptive pill, be careful if you take this drug: you could get pregnant

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Contraceptive pill, be careful if you take this drug: you could get pregnant

Anyone taking birth control pills should be very careful with this drug. The risk is to get pregnant, what medicine is it?

The pill is one of the most used contraceptives, both for convenience and for the high contraceptive coverage. However, not everyone knows that theinteraction with a drug in particular it can make it inactive. That’s what it is.

There is a drug that cancels the effects of the birth control pill (mammastyle.it)

There are now more than a million women in Italy who take the contraceptive pill. Prescribed to young women and girls, the pill has proved to be a valid ally for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, but above all to solve problems related to other pathologies and mitigate the effects such as the onset of acne, hirsutism and so on.

Despite its positive effects, however, it is good to remember that the contraceptive pill is a drug in all respects and, as such, should not be taken lightly and without due care. While one of the safest birth control pills out there, there is a drug which, if taken together, cancels its effects, causing unwanted pregnancies. Let’s find out which one we’re talking about.

This drug negates the effects of birth control pills

Before taking any medicine it is always good to consult your doctor and read the package leaflet carefully. This also applies to the birth control pill, whose instructions contained in the package explain in detail the method of intake, any side effects and also the drugs that interact. Have you ever imagined, however, that – if taken in combination with another drug – this ‘protection’ can be in vain?

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The drug that can cause an unwanted pregnancy despite the pill (mammastyle.it)

Among the drugs that should not be taken in conjunction with the contraceptive pill, there are those used for the treatment of AIDS, antiepileptics and antibiotics. The latter appear to be the most used (except for particular pathologies) and, precisely for this reason, it is advisable to pay attention to the interaction between the two drugs. If you start antibiotic therapy together with the use of the contraceptive pill, the risk is that the contraceptive coverage of the latter will cease. The result could be an unwanted pregnancy. This is why, in case of taking both antibiotics and birth control pills, it is good to use a barrier method of contraception on those days.

@farmacistaditiktok 🛑 IF YOU TAKE AN ANTIBIOTIC BE CAREFUL: you risk getting pregnant 🤰🏻

As shown by the video shared on Tik Tok, it would appear that it is strongly advised to be careful when taking antibiotics. Particularly broad-spectrum ones like Augmentin. This category of medicines has the effect of eliminating the bacteria, which also allow the absorption of the active ingredients of the medicines. For this reason, using an antibiotic while taking the pill would prevent the latter from being absorbed, thus nullifying its contraceptive power.

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