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Contrast HR Consulting 9001:2015 – HEALTH ADHOC

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Contrast HR Consulting 9001:2015 – HEALTH ADHOC

Monday, March 4, 2024, 3:50 p.m

Top conclusion in the audit report: High level & high customer orientation at the headhunting agency – lived by all employees

High level thanks to current adjustments – employees live QM

The high level of QM manuals, organizational manuals, process descriptions as well as guidelines and checklists was particularly positive. The headhunting agency achieves this by actively using the QM documents by the team in everyday life – including regular further developments and changes. Positive effect: Contrast Personalberatung GmbH works flexibly and dynamically, always adapting to current market developments.

Consistent quality through clear specifications

At the same time, based on quality management, the permanent headhunting team is able to respond to the individual needs of each customer while maintaining the same level of service. The personnel consultancy differentiates between companies and employers from the public sector as customers who commission the headhunters to search for personnel, on the one hand, and candidates as another customer group on the other. The aim of thecontrast HR consultants is always to find the best solutions for the future for both customers.

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