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Covid: 118, ‘ambulances in single file in some Regions’ – Health

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“In some regions, the queues of ambulances stuck in single file in front of hospital emergency rooms are reappearing. An index of progressive expansion of the fourth pandemic wave and an indication of a resumption of congestion in the hospital network which, as during last year, at the beginning of the season winter, it begins to determine a significant lengthening of the times of care of the acute patient “. The national president of 118 reports it to ANSA Mario Balzanelli.

“From an epidemiological and clinical point of view, although patchy, the requests for help in 118 Operational Centers due to the onset of fever and acute breathing difficulties increase – he explains – therefore, the suspected cases of Covid that require an evaluation increase. hospital quickly and acute patients needing hospitalization are growing “.
According to Balzanelli, from a management point of view, the need to increase the overall number of beds dedicated to the Covid area is being re-proposed and not to slow down the acute and elective pathways for ordinary pathologies. “The 118 system – he states – cannot and must not remain paralyzed, on the one hand by the fact that a more or less significant portion of the fleet of ambulances and emergency vehicles can be blocked in front of the emergency rooms, exposing acute patients to risk of waiting hours, and on the other hand, by the fact that if the ambulances get stuck with the patient on board, the Operations Center has progressively fewer and fewer emergency vehicles to go and rescue the red codes “.
The lengthening of the times is also affected, at the end of each intervention, by the sanitation of the ambulances and the procedures for undressing and dressing the personnel which require the replacement of overalls and the replacement or sanitization of personal protective equipment. (HANDLE).

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