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Covid: 69,204 new positives and 131 victims, the positivity rate at 15.7% – Health

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Covid: 69,204 new positives and 131 victims, the positivity rate at 15.7% – Health

As of April 27, 104,049 had been administered fourth doses to immunosuppressed. Based on the official audience made up of over 791,000 people, the national coverage rate is 13.1% with clear regional differences: from 2.5% in Calabria to 47.8% in Piedmont.

Among the over 80s, frail patients aged between 60 and 79 years and guests of the RSAs (in all about 4.4 million people), 122,041 fourth doses were administered and the national coverage rate is 2.8% with clear differences regional: from 0.6% of Umbria to 5.3% of Emilia-Romagna.

“The sensational flop of fourth doses in immunocompromised people – comments the president Gimbe Nino Cartabellotta – must make the institutions think, especially considering the further extension of the audience to another 4.2 million people among whom the administrations are struggling”. First of all, he continues, “an incisive information campaign is needed both to raise awareness among the population at risk of serious illness on the effectiveness of the second booster, and to counteract the general sense of fatigue towards the vaccination campaign. But information must be integrated – he concludes – with active call strategies, given that the ASL have all the data of the people included in the audience “.


As for the third doses, 39,288,115 were administered with a national coverage of 84.1% but with clear regional differences: from 79.1% in Sicily to 88.4% in Valle D’Aosta. 7.41 million people have not yet received the third dose, of which: 1.83 million candidates to receive it immediately and 5.58 million recovered for less than 120 days who cannot receive it immediately. 88.1% of the population received at least one dose and 86.5% completed the vaccination course. There are 6.89 million, however, the unvaccinated, of which 2.75 million recovered, therefore protected only temporarily. Finally, in the 5 to 11 year range, 1,382,985 received at least 1 dose of vaccine (of which 1,253,014 completed the vaccination cycle), with a national coverage rate of 37.8% and clear regional differences: from 20 , 5% of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano to 53.7% of Puglia.

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