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Covid: Altems, target 500 thousand doses missed by 30% nationwide

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Cicchetti, ‘likely to be reached in the next month if first confirmed’

Rome, April 30, (beraking latest news Salute) – In the last seven days the target of 500,000 daily doses of the anti-Sars-Cov2 vaccine, at national level, indicated in the anti-Covid vaccination plan, to be reached at the end of April, has not been achieved , with an average gap compared to the pre-established goal, of 30%. To do the accounts the weekly report of the High School of Economics and Management of Health Systems of the Catholic University, Rome campus.

“Considering the 100% value equal to the 500 thousand daily vaccinations indicated as a goal by the Anticovid Vaccination Plan – explains the Report – the daily gap of the last week oscillates between a minimum of 20% (103,367 administrations) to a maximum of 47% (234,896 administrations) ). In particular, considering the 100% value equal to the 500,000 thousand daily vaccinations indicated as a target by the anti-Covid vaccination plan and the average daily gap of the last week at national level equal to 30% (151,102 administrations) “. And “there are only 9 Regions above the national daily gap and therefore administer more doses weekly: Basilicata (11%), Calabria (25%), Liguria (15%), Lombardy (20%), Marche (17% ), Pa Bolzano (27%), Sardinia (29%), Umbria (29%), Valle d’Aosta (17% “).

“The goal set in the vaccination plan to bring daily administrations to 500,000 has been missed,” says Americo Cicchetti, director of Altems. “As we can see from the data, the average daily value of the last week stands at 348,898 administrations, with peaks of fluctuations that have reached 397,633 administrations. It is very likely that 500,000 can be easily reached in the next month, if the vaccination rates continue in this way, other capillary networks are also added such as pharmacists and general practitioners at full capacity, as well as there are important numbers of doses delivered to our country “.

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