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Covid becomes a concern again: «Cases and hospitalizations are growing, early therapies are needed»

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Covid becomes a concern again: «Cases and hospitalizations are growing, early therapies are needed»

“Cremona Faces Rising Covid Cases: Hospitalizations Increase, Flu Alert Raised”

The province of Cremona is experiencing a surge in positive Covid cases, leading to an increase in hospitalized patients, with 30 currently at the Maggiore hospital, spread across various departments. Angelo Pan, director of the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Cremona Asst, notes that the need to isolate the infected is starting to create some problems. He points out that the management of other pathologies is becoming more complex due to the increase in Covid cases, despite the few serious forms. Additionally, there has been a national increase in intensive care patients and deaths in the last week, prompting concern for the future.

Pan emphasizes the low percentage of the population over 80 who have received the third booster dose, highlighting the importance of vaccination. He also notes the long-term health issues that patients struggle with even after recovering from Covid, underscoring the importance of vaccination and early treatment. Pan urges everyone who gets vaccinated against the flu to also get vaccinated against Covid.

As the province grapples with the Covid surge, the number of citizens with flu syndrome has also increased in Lombardy. The regional council approved the Respiratory Syndrome Prevention Plan in anticipation of the winter season, which provides for seven alert levels. The current situation corresponds to the second level, with efforts being made to prevent the escalation to the third level.

The possible peak of the flu is expected between the end of December and the beginning of January, with respiratory syndromes on the rise in various provinces. Guido Bertolaso, councilor, has urged healthcare facility managers to monitor the situation closely, particularly during the upcoming long weekend and the period between Christmas and New Year.

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Bertolaso emphasizes the importance of vaccination for both flu and Covid, reaffirming that both vaccines are available to the entire population free of charge. With the growing emergency room accesses in the last thirty days, the province is working to address the increasing respiratory syndromes and mitigate their impact.

As the province grapples with rising Covid cases and a flu alert, efforts are being made to manage the situation and encourage vaccination to protect the population from both diseases.

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