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Covid, the “drug menu” of intensive care

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The ‘Rottal-Inn clinics‘is one of the largest hospital clinics in Germany. Its three offices are located in the district of the ‘Rottal Inn’, in the extreme south-east of the federal state of Bavaria. For the extreme professionalism of the staff and for the state-of-the-art technologies with which it is provided, the hospital is considered one of the flagships of German healthcare, hosting patients from all over the country.

Like many other hospital complexes, in the last twenty-one months also the ‘Rottal-Inn Kliniken’ has had to convert a large part of its wards into structures used for the treatment and hospitalization of patients with Covid. There are dozens of thousands the people who have been transported here in the past year and a half to receive health care after contracting the coronavirus.

The situation in Germany and Scholz’s words

Unfortunately, many of them presented serious symptoms upon arrival, such as to foresee their hospitalization in the wards of intensive care. Even today – in the midst of the fourth wave of infections that is bringing Germany, Austria and many other European states to their knees – there are many infected people who need specific treatments, intubati and ventilated in the hope of improvement.

A dramatic condition for patients, families and for the entire German health system, so much so as to push the secretary of the SPD and next chancellor Olaf Scholz to speak openly of “vaccination obligation for all”. Even his future Minister of Economy – Green leader Robert Habeck – has shown a hard line on the subject, airing a “lockdown for the unvaccinated “.

And so, in yet another attempt to convince the no vax to get immunized, the ‘Rottal Inn’ clinic has decided to embrace a tactic as brilliant as it is hard and painful, which is having the merit of stirring up German public opinion on the subject (it should be remembered that in Germany the share of citizens who received at least one dose of vaccine is among the lowest in Europe, equal to 68,7%).

The post that shows the criticality of the situation

In recent weeks, the hospital’s communications staff have been posting on their own social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) a photograph showing a shelf full of medications, divided between bottles, bags and blisters. At the foot of the image the following sentence has been inserted:

“These are our weapons in the fight against Covid-19. Here are all the medications and liquid foods that are given to a seriously ill and ventilated coronavirus patient in our ICU – EVERYDAY

A deliberately cold message and unsettling, with the final addition that is worth more than many other speeches: “the vaccination can protect against this “. Within a few hours, the post received hundreds of likes and shares, confirming how the communication strategy of the Bavarian clinic impressed a large part of the population. The hope now is that many will decide to undergo the vaccine to avoid receiving the ‘menu’ of drugs that no one wants.


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