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Creatine, discover the benefits of an essential energy reserve!

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Creatine, discover the benefits of an essential energy reserve!

We often hear about it, perhaps on television advertising or in articles that talk about useful substances especially for sportsmen. There creatine is a food supplement that is certainly present in the world of fitness and sporting activity. It is often associated with muscle tone and athletic performance, but its benefits go beyond simply increasing muscle mass. Let’s talk about creatine and all its uses.

It is produced naturally in the human body, mainly in the liver and kidneys. There are three amino acids responsible: arginine, wisteria e methionine. It has a key role in the energy metabolism of cells, especially at the muscle level. Creatine is also present in some foods of animal origin, such as meat and fish.

It’s also sort of energy reserve in muscle cells. During physical exercise, creatine supplementation increases the phosphocreatine reserves (responsible for supporting muscular efforts) in the muscles, and improves performance.

By making a diagram, what are the main benefits of creatine?

More muscle strength: has a positive effect on increasing muscle strength. Scientific studies show that taking creatine can improve weight lifting and exercise performance. This benefit is particularly evident in subjects who have to deal with resistance training.

Muscle mass: it favors the increase in muscle mass, especially in subjects who train with heavy loads. In muscles, it also stimulates protein synthesis and promotes muscle growth.

Muscle recovery: it is possible to reduce recovery times after intense physical exercise. In fact, creatine helps to rapidly regenerate substances that put the muscle in a position to be ready for new efforts.

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cognitive performance: can also positively influence cognitive functions. Several studies have shown a link between creatine intake and improvements in cognitive abilities, such as memory and attention.

Brain health: may protect brain health. Some incomplete studies hypothesize neuroprotective effects. The protective effect on brain cells is being studied. But we still need to confirm these results.

How is it assumed?

It is found in the form of dietary supplement. Usually, those who train undergo a “loading phase”, with a higher dose of creatine. Subsequently, we move on to the “maintenance phase”, which serves to maintain the creatine reserves in the muscle. Obviously, it is very important to rely on the indications of the qualified professional.

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