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delicious and perfect for spring

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Benedetta Rossi, the food blogger most loved by Italians, shares a perfect recipe for spring: a super colored pasta ready in just 10 minutes

Benedetta Rossi is now a real institution for those who love the world of cooking. Her simple but tasty recipes, her extremely genuine way of being, have been the key to her success. Before becoming very famous she worked in a kitchen, but she owes all her popularity to her husband. She started sharing her recipes online and became more and more famous: she writes books, collaborates with very important brands in the culinary sector and has even recorded a program of her all of her own of her from her kitchen of her.

As she once told Fedez and Luis in their podcast Muschio Selvaggio, in recent years they have also offered her to change the cuisine. Many would have been tempted to refurbish their kitchen for free with super modern and functional accessories, but Benedetta explains that people are used to seeing her in that environment and she didn’t want to betray her origins, those rustic furniture that have made her super recognizable.

Benedetta Rossi, the pasta that can be prepared in no time at all: colorful and perfect for spring

The very nice Benedetta has obtained a following also thanks to the simplicity of her recipes. Here she is, despite her notoriety and her huge audience, she continues to address her slice of the public that still requires an extremely simple cuisine. So here’s how to replicate a pasta that she defines as ‘svelta svelta’, rich in vegetables, which she prepares in just 10 minutes.

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While you put the salted water on the fire, a drizzle of oil in a pan and the carrots cut into strips, after 5 minutes of cooking, add the courgettes which will have to cook for another 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and a little cooking water. After cooking the pasta (Benedetta suggests the fusilli), finish cooking it in a pan to release the starch and bind it well with the vegetables (add more cooking water if necessary). Last, but not least, the real touch of freshness! Even if not everyone likes it, Benedetta suggests serving and grating an untreated lemon zest.

Benedetta Rossi’s ‘svelta svelta’ pasta is prepared in just 10 minutes and is super colorful and tasty

A very simple pasta to prepare, but which certainly does not give up that tasty flavor that only Benedetta’s recipes give us. Don’t underestimate the addition of lemon zest which, for these sunny days, is the right compromise for a touch of freshness.

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