Home Health Does high blood pressure cause hair to fall out? here is the whole truth from the experts

Does high blood pressure cause hair to fall out? here is the whole truth from the experts

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Does high blood pressure cause hair to fall out?  here is the whole truth from the experts

High blood pressure causes hair to fall out and this is not the only annoying symptom of the disease that worsens with the arrival of summer. We all know high blood pressure because it is a time when blood pressure slows down and can cause states of physical and mental instability. This situation can be followed by ailments such as lightheadedness, loss of lucidity, general exhaustion and fainting.

It becomes more insistent with the summer due to the high temperatures and dehydration. These two phenomena are often forgotten but can be fatal. Another risk factor is sudden changes in temperature when we move from an air-conditioned environment to an outdoor one with at least 10 ° C difference.

Hair that weakens and falls out more often is also affected by high blood pressure. How do we stop this falling process? The only way we have is to keep the pressure under control so that it does not rise suddenly and does not create imbalances in the hair cells.

How to cure high blood pressure if it causes hair to fall out

High blood pressure causes blood vessels to narrow and blood pressure to slow. With slowing down, cells, tissues and organs are not adequately oxygenated and can cause chain reactions that are sometimes quite disabling and dangerous. For this we must avoid this situation and keep arterial fluctuations under control.

Falling hair is a direct consequence of a weakening not only of the skin but also of the entire metabolism. The causes of hair loss are many but if high blood pressure is one of these, we can intervene in some way. When you suffer from high blood pressure, you must immediately contact your doctor who, after having made the necessary checks, will assess whether there is a need to intervene with a targeted pharmacological treatment.

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Pharmacological treatment should avoid hair loss but we must also keep responsible attitudes, especially in summer. What we need to do is avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours and check hydration levels. Experts recommend drinking at least two liters of water throughout the day to maintain hydration.

Karkadè and lime infusions are also excellent for lowering blood pressure, as well as the consumption of probiotics in the form of natural supplements and coconut water. Raw garlic is a natural drug capable of effectively reducing blood pressure levels but if you interact with people during the day it is better to consume it in the evening.

Why does hair fall out?

Hair is the first alarm bell when something is wrong with our body. They are the least important part and consequently it is normal for the body to opt for hair if it has to sacrifice something for health. It is a form of survival implemented at the origin of the species and it never changes. Seasonal hair loss doesn’t have to scare us but if we see that the situation isn’t improving then it’s time for a more in-depth visit.

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