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Elimination of prequalification: negotiation success for pharmacists

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Elimination of prequalification: negotiation success for pharmacists

22.01.2024 – 12:12

ABDA Bundesvgg. German pharmacist associations

Berlin (ots)

The elimination of the prequalification process for common pharmacy aids is getting closer: Last Friday, the German Pharmacists’ Association (DAV) and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds successfully concluded negotiations on this. In July 2023, the Act to Combat Drug Supply Bottlenecks and Improve Care (ALBVVG) came into force. It is stated there that the prequalification for pharmacies should be eliminated for “common pharmacy aids”. However, the two negotiating parties still had to determine, among other things, which aids should be declared as “standard in pharmacies”.

The DAV chairman Dr. Hans-Peter Hubmann said: “We are very pleased that we were able to negotiate a really good solution for the pharmacies before the end of the negotiation period and without involving the arbitration board. This is a success for self-administration. If the committees of both associations agree to the result of the negotiations, Prequalification for the vast majority of medical aids will soon be a thing of the past. This is a demand that we as the German Pharmacists Association have been making to politicians for years. It is finally becoming a reality!”. Hubmann further explains that the details of the negotiated solution cannot yet be communicated. Because: “We now have to wait for the committees of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds and the DAV to confirm the result. But there should be clarity at the beginning of February,” says Hubmann.

ABDA President Gabriele Regina Overwiening is also very pleased with the resulting relief for the pharmacy teams: “The pharmacies are under incredible economic pressure. Added to this is the stressful and stressful delivery bottleneck crisis – coupled with the shortage of skilled workers, the pharmacy teams are faced with unnecessary, bureaucratic procedures often to their limits. Due to the long overdue abolition of prequalification, pharmacies now have at least one less hassle. And in the coming months we in the ABDA will continue to fight for our profession: Like all other service providers, we also have the right to inflation compensation and an associated, significant fee adjustment. Furthermore, we cannot allow the Federal Ministry of Health to get away with its plans that would immediately and noticeably thin out the care of our patients.”

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Benjamin Rohrer, press spokesman, 030 40004-131, [email protected]

Christian Splett, deputy press spokesman, 030 40004-137, [email protected]

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