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EUNIPharma, Lorenzo Wittum at the helm of the group

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EUNIPharma, Lorenzo Wittum at the helm of the group

EUNIPharma, the group of 35 pharmaceutical companies within Farmindustria, from today until 2024 will be led by Lorenzo Wittum, President and CEO of AstraZeneca Italia.

The role of EUNIPharma

To understand the role of the EUNIPharma group, just think that it currently employs about 24 thousand people in our country, and in the last 5 years it has made investments of 4 billion, of which 60% in Research and Development and 40% in production. This figure represents over a third of the entire pharmaceutical sector in Italy. According to data processed by Farmindustria, the companies of this group in 2021 generated 9.5 billion in turnover, equal to about half of the total of the Italian pharmaceutical market. Overall, 40 production sites operating on the national territory belong to the group.

The new appointment as Chairman

Wittum has been with AstraZeneca Italy since 2010 and has assumed the role of President since 2018. The transfer of the company’s Italian headquarters to MIND, the new innovation district, was strongly desired by him.

Astrazeneca invests in Italy. The new headquarters are in the Milanese innovation district. Here because

by Dario Rubino

He is also a member of the Presidency Committee of Farmindustria and of the LifeScience Group of Assolombarda. “It is a great pride for me to take the lead of EUNIPharma, a group of companies strongly oriented towards innovation that bring to the country significant investments in research, production and employment”, commented Wittum: “The pharmaceutical industry as a whole is a strategic industrial partner for development and innovation for the country. Investing in pharmaceutical innovation means investing in health, improving the life expectancy of citizens and attracting new resources and talents for the economic and social development of the country. It is necessary to strengthen the strategic alliance between private companies and public institutions, and the European and Japanese pharmaceutical companies want to play a key role within Farmindustria to accelerate this process “.

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