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European elections: Schlein is a candidate, but there is controversy in the Democratic Party over the name in the symbol: “Decision postponed” – News

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European elections: Schlein is a candidate, but there is controversy in the Democratic Party over the name in the symbol: “Decision postponed” – News

“I am available to lend a hand with a spirit of service, I am applying to give a boost to this wonderful team and to a project for change in the Democratic Party and the country”. The secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, said this in the report to the party leadership at the Nazarene in Rome. Schlein will be top of the list in the Center and in the Islands. Cecilia Strada in the North West constituency, Stefano Bonaccini in the North East and Lucia Annunziata in the South.

The leadership of the Democratic Party has approved the lists for the European elections while, based on what we learn, the discussion about including the name Elly Schlein in the symbol has been updated, with a mandate to the secretary to verify the conditions so that Schlein can make the maximum contribution to the result. There were no particularly polemical interventions on the lists: “There are stomach aches, but physiological ones”, explains a member of the management. For now, – it has been reported – the debate focuses mainly on the hypothesis of putting the name Schlein in the symbol, with some critical interventions.

That of the Democratic Party is “a plural and competent team, hoping to elect all of them to work in Europe, while I will be here in the daily confrontation as secretary, in Parliament, with Giorgia Meloni for her wicked choices for Italy”, added Schlein .

Those of the Democratic Party for the European elections “are beautiful and very very strong lists”. “The stakes call for us all to set out to campaign street by street.” “The lists want to be the expression of an idea of ​​the Europe and the Democratic Party that we want, an open party that allows itself to be permeated by the best energies of society and which claims the competence of our administrators, leaders and militants. A plural list”.

For further information Agenzia ANSA Prodi: ‘The candidacy of EU leaders is a wound to democracy’ – News – Ansa.it Voters are asked to vote for those who will not go to Brussels (ANSA)

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European Videos: ‘Liberta” by Cateno de Luca first list filed

On the Pd lists Tarquinio and the former sardine Cristallo

The former director of Avveire Marco Tarquinio, the former sardine Jasmine Cristallo and the mayors Giorgio Gorti, Dario Nardella, Matteo Ricci and Antonio Decaro. These are some of the candidates for the European elections with the Democratic Party. In the North West, after Cecilia Strada there is the head of the PD delegation in the European Parliament Brando Benifei, followed by the MEP Irene Tinagli and the deputy Alessandro Zan. Also running in the North West are the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori, the former Green co-spokesperson Eleonora Evi and the former parliamentarian Lele Fiano. After Stefano Bonaccini, in the North East there are Annalisa Corrado in second place, then Ivan Pedretti, Elisabetta Gualmnini, Zan and Alessandra Moretti. At the Centre, after Elly Schlein there is Nicola Zingaretti, then Camilla Laureti and the former director of Avvenire Marco Tarquinio. Also running in the Center are Alessia Morani and the mayors of Florence Dario Nardella and of Pesaro Matteo Ricci. In the South, after Lucia Annunziata, there are the mayor of Bari Antonio Decaro, then the vice-president of the European Parliament Pina Picierno, the journalist Sandro Ruotolo and the former sardine Jasmine Cristallo. Also on the list in the south is Lello Topo. In the Islands, after Schlein, Antonio Nicita and Lidia Tilotta, Pietro Bartolo.

I applaud Scurati to the PD leadership

The Scurati case was recalled at the beginning of the PD leadership: “I would like today’s leadership to begin with an applause of solidarity with Antonio Scurati, the subject of very serious censure for having written the right things”, said the secretary Elly Schlein among the applause from the audience.

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