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F1 Bahrain test, live coverage of the third day

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F1 Bahrain test, live coverage of the third day

Tsunoda’s words

Statements from Tsunoda, RB driver: “2024 has started well. The feeling is good. I’m happy to be here in Bahrain, I’m working hard with the team. We have little time, I understand what Alonso says when he asks for more time to the tests. Here in Bahrain the conditions change a lot between morning and afternoon, which makes it difficult to make comparisons even between teammates. Even if there were 4 days it would be different: there would be at least two days each for each rider. This year I learned that in testing you just have to understand the car, without looking at the times. You have to work for the team. The car is not that different from the one driven in Abu Dhabi last year. There are no big differences in terms of grip. We have to have confirmation that we have taken the right path regarding development. Ricciardo is very calm, a quality that I am trying to learn from him. I try to learn from him in general: we want to fight with each other, but we also work together to best develop the machine. If I’m looking at Red Bull’s second seat? They are the best team, everyone wants to go. I have had a relationship with the group since I was 16 and sooner or later I would like to land there. But now I’m only thinking about working with RB which is an independent team. I am proud to be part of this project”

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