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Few people know that this widespread aromatic plant is the worst enemy of colon cancer

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Even ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, knew the incredible properties of oregano. There is evidence that its aroma was highly appreciated and used to embellish the dishes of these important civilizations. But oregano was not only used for its culinary skills but also for its healing properties. This aromatic herb, rich in phenols, mineral salts and vitamins, is to be considered a real natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, which brings numerous benefits to our body. But few know that this widespread aromatic plant is colon cancer’s worst enemy.

The queen plant of the Mediterranean diet

If basil is considered the king of the Mediterranean diet (in Greek basil means: king’s grass), oregano is its worthy queen. Among the benefits brought by oregano to our body we can certainly mention the rebalancing of the bacterial flora. Oregano, in fact, contains molecules that are real killers for intestinal fungi and bacteria. In addition, oregano has analgesic and antioxidant properties and also appears to have a healing effect on respiratory problems. Preparing decoctions and fumigations with essential oil of oregani, frees the bronchi and lungs and relieves sore throats. As if that were not enough, thanks to the conspicuous supply of vitamin C, oregano also raises the immune system, saving us from diseases and infections. But the amazing news that science has recently confirmed is that oregano has anti-tumor power, especially when it comes to colon cancer.

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Few people know that this widespread aromatic plant is the worst enemy of colon cancer

It all started by observing the fact that, in the geographic areas where the Mediterranean diet is widespread, colon cancer is less common than average. A study also carried out by the Tor Vergata University of Rome has shown that oregano contains molecules that promote the death of colon cancer cells. To demonstrate this, the researchers extracted ethanolic elements from oregano leaves. These elements play an active role in the apoptosis process of cancer cells. Basically, eating oregano often would help prevent colon cancer from developing.


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