Home Health For a flat stomach even at the age of 50, these 3 very effective exercises and a few clever food tricks would be enough

For a flat stomach even at the age of 50, these 3 very effective exercises and a few clever food tricks would be enough

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Accumulating a few extra pounds is the order of the day, in fact in today’s society it is easy to indulge in a few too many delicacies, given the availability of food at all hours. A little problem that of weight gain which in recent years has also increased due to the reduced possibility of being outdoors. The time spent at home has increased and consequently life has become more sedentary with a consequent increase in food consumption.

For a flat stomach even at the age of 50, these 3 very effective exercises and a few clever food tricks would be enough

So accumulating fat would have become easier and easier. So how to lose weight and decrease the centimeters of the waistline?

Lean mass plays a key role in fat loss, which would also help us keep the body healthy. In fact, this would also help us in the prevention of some pathologies such as early osteoporosis and sarcopenia.

But why do we accumulate more fat after the age of 50?

After a certain age, and with the passage of time, the hormonal rhythms slowly slow down and the quantity of testosterone in particular changes. Therefore, both men and women tend to assimilate a greater amount of fat after the age and slowly lose muscle mass.

But do not worry because exactly as it happens in youth even after anta and with a few extra pounds you can get back in shape and eliminate abdominal fat. It will be enough to arm yourself with a little more patience and conduct careful nutrition.

Workout for a flat stomach

In addition, to promote fat loss on the waist, training becomes essential.

To increase abdominal fat loss, it would be preferable to choose 50-minute training sessions that stimulate the cardiovascular system.

Yes to interspersed runs, where we see the alternation of minutes of walking and a few minutes of intense running, to be repeated at least 10 times.

Yes also to isometric exercises that go to work directly on the abdomen such as the plank. An exercise that involves the entire abdomen. Even the oblique abdominals.

Another important activity is weight training, at home or in the gym. It only takes a few minutes a day, about 40 minutes done consistently, to increase muscle mass and promote fat loss with consequent body remodeling.

In any case, we always remember the importance of relying on professionals in the sector who will follow us in the best possible way.

So here for a flat stomach even at 50, a few simple moves might be enough.

Treats deflated abdomen

If you suffer from bloating, consume foods such as kiwifruit and prunes. These come to our aid. Furthermore, kiwi is also a useful food for keeping the intestine healthy. Therefore, to improve constipation problems and a swollen abdomen we could consume two kiwis for breakfast and a cup of fennel, ginger, cinnamon herbal tea. This gesture would help us regulate intestinal activity. We could also help ourselves by practicing a self-massage to stimulate the bowels and promote intestinal transit.


According to science, having dinner at this time of day would help you lose weight and prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

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