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Formula 1 Belgian GP: Verstappen Re in Spa, Leclerc on the podium. The record

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Formula 1 Belgian GP: Verstappen Re in Spa, Leclerc on the podium.  The record

Venue: Spa-Francorchamps 4.24pm

Giro 43

Hamilton gives up on chasing Leclerc to put on fresh rubber and attempt the fastest lap


Giro 39

Beautiful overtaking by Ocon on Tsunoda.


giro 38

Verstappen is a hammer, he turns in 1:50, while Perez and Leclerc in about 1:51


Giro 37

Galsy is chasing di Ocono for tenth position.


Giro 33

Leclerc’s lead over Hamilton drops to 1.9″.


Giro 30

Pit stop for Perez who thus took shelter, with tranquility from Leclerc and Hamilton.


Giro 29

Leclerc in the pits, returns in front of Hamilton!


Giro 28

Hamilton goes to the pits and puts on the red to attempt an undercut on Leclerc.


Giro 26

He defends himself well, however, Leclerc which is keeping pace with Perez. Meanwhile, the withdrawal has arrived for Sainz.


Giro 24

The highly humid track conditions highlight the crystalline class of Hamilton. The Englishman is the fastest on the track and is ominously approaching Leclerc.


Giro 23

Russell puts on the soft too


Giro 22

The very humid conditions are putting the pilots in a lot of crisis: Leclerc risked a long Verstappen almost lost the car in Eau-Rouge.


Giro 21

It’s raining, but not a lot and Aston Martin puts the reds on Stroll.


Giro 18

It starts raining and Russell, Stroll and Gasly who haven’t stopped yet can take advantage of it.


Giro 18

Leclerc’s race was very consistent, as he is securing third place by keeping Hamilton at a distance. Rain expected in 4 minutes.

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Giro 17

Verstappen also eats Perez after Eau-Rouge and is in the lead!


Giro 15

Verstappen goes to the pits and maintains his position on Leclerc.


Little 14

Perez e Leclerc ai box. Verstappen now he’s in the lead, being chased by the Mexican and the Monegasque. Leclerc he’s in a position to attempt the undercut on Max now! And the rain is coming.


Giro 13

Hamilton returns to fourth position, also resisting Stroll’s attack. We expect the reaction of Ferrarito protect Leclerc.


Giro 12

At the moment, Leclerc’s race is good, maintaining a 3.4″ gap from Perez, but gaining on Hamilton. The Englishman now decides to bring the stop forward and puts on average.


Giro 10

Verstappen he literally ate himself Leclerc on the Kemmel, overtaking it even before braking. Now he can go after Perez.


Giro 7

Verstappen put himself in a DRS probe on Leclerc. Sainz in the pits, suffers, but keeps running.


Giro 6

Perez tried the leak, but Leclerc has it. Verestappen, meanwhile, attacked Hamilton and took third position.


Giro 5

The car of Sainz, in addition to having damage to the bottom, it also has a gash on the side. Driving in prohibitive conditions, and lost positions on Alonso and Tsunoda and Albon.


Giro 3

The replay of the departure: at the first treatment there was a situation of chaos with a contact between Sainz and Piastri. The bottom of the Spagono was damaged, Piastri had to retire due to suspension failure.


Giro 2

Double yellow flag, Piastri is at a standstill


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Giro 1

Perez took the lead on the Kemmel. Hamilton is third, while Verstappen is already fourth. Sainz is fifth, attacked by Alonso.



Start the Belgian GP now!


The tires of the first stint

Leclerc, Perez, Hamilton, Sainz, start with the Reds, as well as Verstappen. Piastri, Norris, Russell, Alonso, Stroll, Tsunoda and Hulkenberg with middle school. No one chose the tough.


The charge of Verstappen

Verstappen a Sky: “A treacherous start, I’ll have to pass a few cars, but the priority is to stay out of trouble on the first lap and in the first corner.”


Norris predictions

Norris a Sky: “We lose 20km/h of speed on the straights, we would suffer a bit, but we improve in the corners. I hope in mixed conditions, but I wouldn’t mind the dry either”.


The moods in the Alpine house

Gasy’s podium in the Sprint brought a minimum of serenity to Alpine, after the earthquake that opened the weekend with the torpedoing of Szafnauer, Permane and Fry. Famin a Sky: “OExcellent result yesterday, which is good for the whole team, great performance by Gasly. We started from behind today, we’ll see how the match develops”.


Weather update

The rain should peep out towards the middle of the race.


The Ferrari race

Leclerc starts from the pole, Sainz is in the second row. The performances seen on the track make Ferrari the favorite, at least for the podium. That’s what Vasseur had said.


possible strategies

Second Pirellithe possible strategies for the Tender are as follows:


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Crazy Sprint Race

Sprint Racewon by Verstappen, as chaotic as it is crazy: that’s what happened.


Uncertain weather

The rain is the undisputed protagonist of the weekend. After canceling FP1 and influencing the Sprint, she prepares to threaten the Race as well.

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