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From Routine to Freedom: Couple Quits Jobs to Travel the World in a Camper

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From Routine to Freedom: Couple Quits Jobs to Travel the World in a Camper

Couple Quits Jobs and Embarks on Adventure, Saving Thousands Each Month

Bosisio Parini, Italy – Marco Ratti and Sara Riva, both 50 years old, have made a life-changing decision to leave their jobs, sell their house, and travel the world in a camper. This bold choice has already resulted in monthly savings of around 1,300/1,400 euros, and they plan to sustain their lifestyle through their existing blog, which can be found on YouTube by searching “Ask us if we are happy”.

Their desire for a change and the sense of freedom led Marco and Sara to opt for a house on wheels. Although their initial plan was to travel throughout Italy, Europe, and beyond, the couple has decided to stay closer to home for now due to the imminent arrival of their grandchild. However, they are determined to hit the road again as soon as possible.

Some may find it inconceivable, but it is precisely their yearning for freedom that urged the couple to leave their comfortable lives in Bosisio Parini. Over the past nine months, they have focused on renovating their 1986 camper, which required significant interior and mechanical work. They have been living in the camper for two months, and the financial benefits are already evident. Their monthly savings are now approximately 1,300/1,400 euros, thanks to their self-sufficiency with photovoltaic panels and a sufficient reserve of water. The camper’s heating and kitchen operate solely on electricity. Moreover, with their newfound lifestyle, they no longer have to deal with condominium expenses, bills, or waste management. They currently own one car, but they plan to sell it soon.

Not only did Marco and Sara embark on this adventure to escape the monotony of everyday life, but they also pursued their passion for creating video content. Both having a background in editing, their aim is to document their travel experiences on their YouTube channel. Their son, Federico Ratti, has also actively contributed to the project.

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Breaking old habits and adjusting to their new lifestyle has not been easy, but Marco and Sara are learning to embrace the change. Initially, they had some fears, but they quickly realized the potential and rewards this experience can bring. They no longer measure time in hours and commitments but in seasons. Their short-term goal is a trip to Morocco, once again with their trusty camper.

The couple’s journey is an inspiration for anyone dreaming of a different way of life, where freedom and exploration take precedence over routine and material possessions. Marco and Sara’s decision to leave their jobs and live on the road has not only allowed them to save thousands of euros each month but has also brought them closer to amazing people and experiences. Their positive outlook and determination are contagious, proving that it is never too late to chase one’s dreams.

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