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From Twitter to LinkedIn, everyone storming the Clubhouse

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From Twitter to Spotify, from Telegram to LinkedIn, everyone wants to copy Clubhouse, the social network of streaming audio-only content that had a peak in popularity between February and March that now risks being overshadowed by the advance of tech giants.

The latest to be inspired by the Clubhouse model is LinkedIn. Microsoft’s platform dedicated to the world of work is implementing a new tool based on the use of the voice. These are sound rooms, just like Clubhouse, in which some speakers interact vocally with each other in front of a virtual audience of listeners. There is currently no launch date. On the other hand, it is certain that Twitter Spaces, the audio space available on Android and iOS, will arrive in April, after a test phase, therefore less elite than Clubhouse which at the moment only works on iOS and only by invitation.

Spotify, a pioneer in podcasts, also focuses on live audio: it bought an app that streams live on sports themes. Also in the field Discord, the instant messaging platform that has implemented a new function clearly inspired by that of the voice-only app: it is called Stage Channels and is dedicated to voice interactions within communities. Pure Telegram has introduced a new feature called Voice Chat 2.0 within its Android app. This is the ability to open and join audio conversations, just like on Clubhouse. The Telegram audio chat, however, differs from the competition for a particularity: participants can decide to remain “anonymous”, choosing to be listed simply among the listeners, without revealing their real name or nickname.

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Finally, the other tech giant that could take the field and make a difference, further overshadowing Clubhouse, is Facebook. The social media of Mark Zuckerberg, who personally tested the voice-only platform by participating in virtual public meetings, according to rumors is working on a similar function but to be tested first on his Messenger chat.

In short, Clubhouse, after a flare-up of popularity and an inizzione of investments, risks finding itself on the corner if it does not equip itself. One of the founders of the platform, Paul Davison, admitted during an event that it is important to open up to Android by the summer and eliminate the barrier of invitations to access. According to recent data from the analysis company App Annie, one year after its launch, Clubhouse downloads in the world are close to 13 million, in Italy they are just over 400 thousand. And in our country, Google Trends have certified a drop in interest, after the peak in Sanremo.

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