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Get ready to feast on! “Angry Crocodile” is expected to launch Switch / PS4 version within this year

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goGame announced today that “Angry Crocodile” will be released in digital version on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and retail version will be released later this year in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions in Southeast Asia.

“Angry Crocodile” allows players to play the role of a hungry crocodile, hunting all moving things, eating special foods, and transforming themselves into a bigger and stronger crocodile in order to face various challenges in the future. Use your strong jaws to trap birds, deer, and even bears, or fight against big badass beast bosses and nasty human tourists. No one can disturb your home! You must carry the fate and the inhabitants of the swamp.

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After the emergence of human beings, the days of peace and tranquility are no longer! Join the baby crocodile’s journey, eat everything that hinders you, and become a strong big crocodile!

Enjoy exploring the bright and expansive open world, recognize and prey on a variety of creatures, and enjoy everything that nature has to offer! Start rescue operations before mankind has completely polluted the world. Worried that this task is too difficult for a thin predator like you? Don’t worry, Weiss, the smartest crocodile elder, will lead you to the swamp road to become a great crocodile.

Game Features

  • Embark on an endless open world adventure in the “swamp” and “farm”.

  • Start from the novice teaching and immerse yourself in the fascinating story task.

  • Starting from the baby crocodile, it grows and transforms into the largest and most powerful crocodile.

  • Feast on humans and other animals, replenish stamina and gain experience points.

  • Discover and play mini games scattered around the world to gain extra experience points.

  • Collect wearable clothes and become the most fashionable crocodile in the swamp.

“Angry Crocodile” was developed by Backup Plan and released in Asia by goGame. It will be available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 later this year, both in digital and retail versions. The Asian version will provide Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean language setting options, retail distribution by Epicsoft Asia. The North American and European versions will be released by Lion Castle.


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