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Get ready to sing your heart’s voice!The Asian version of the karaoke game “Let’s Sing 2022” is now available

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Ravenscourt and Voxler today announced that the Chinese version of the first karaoke game “Let’s Sing 2022” on their next-generation console platform is now available.

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The latest works of the acclaimed karaoke game series of the year will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

The repertoire of “Let’s Sing 2022” includes 35 popular hits, as well as immortal classics that make every music fan’s heart beat faster.

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There is not only a single-player singing mode for rising talents, but also seven other game modes that support up to eight players to sing at the same time. “Let’s Sing 2022” is guaranteed to make you enjoyable singing and forgetting to return.

If you don’t have a microphone in your hand, just turn on your phone; the official mobile app “Let’s Sing Microphone” allows you to start a party anytime, anywhere!

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Whether you like popular hits nowadays or immortal classic golden tunes, there are always works that suit your taste:

Andy Lau


Li Quan

Tightrope walker

Andy Lau

Wang Qingshui

Ren Xianqi

Rush together

Andy Lau

If one day

Ren Xianqi

miss you

Andy Lau/ Wu Zongxian/ Ke Shouliang

Stupid kid

Zeng Baijun

Can’t live without you

Wang Wanzhi

Good time

Song Chulin

Blue pickup truck

Feng Yunqian

Far in front

Qiu Shiling

One carat

Chen Jianan

A kiss across 4.6 billion years

Xu Zhian

Unless you tell me

Liang Zhaofeng / Chen Shishen


Amy Winehouse

Back to Black

Supper Moment

Happy song

Backstreet Boys

Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Huang Shuman

Dream My Dreams

Calvin Harris feat. Rag’n’Bone Man


Liang Hanwen


Crazy Town


Zhang Weijian/ Xu Zhian

Who do you love me like

Depeche Mode

Enjoy The Silence

Su Yongkang

Misty night rain

Imagine Dragons

Bad Liar

Miriam Yang

Maiden’s Prayer

Jax Jones feat. RAYE

You Don’t Know Me

Louis Koo

A man like me

Ofenbach & Quarterhead feat. Norma Jean Martine

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

Eason Chan

Every tomorrow


What About Us

Zheng Xiuwen



Last Christmas

Zheng Xiuwen Time for everything
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Game features:

  • The first next-generation host karaoke game!

  • 35 new Asian and international pop songs and classic songs, including original music videos

  • Eight fun and exciting game modes: “Legend”, “Classic”, “Remix 2.0”, “Jukebox”, “Playlist Creator”, “Guest”, “World Series” and “Party Mode”

  • Sing individually or play with up to eight players

  • In the “Legend” mode, each player needs to face 20 challengers, go through three basic challenges and one ultimate challenge, to be the champion of the leaderboard

  • PS4: Can connect up to 4 mobile phones at the same time/2 USB microphones + 2 earphones/2 USB microphones + 2 Sing Star microphones

  • PS5: Can connect up to 4 mobile phones at the same time/3 USB microphones + 2 earphones (Sing Star microphones are not supported)

  • Nintendo Switch: Can connect up to 4 mobile phones + 2 USB microphones + 1 headset at the same time

  • Don’t have a microphone?It’s okay-you can turn your phone into a microphone anytime with the Let’s Sing partner app

  • Challenge the leaderboards and unlock more song packs, such as “Best of 90’s”, “Party Classics”, etc.

Game mode:

  • “Legend”: Become the king of karaoke in single player mode. Pick up the microphone, win star rewards and defeat your opponents to prove that you are the focus of the spotlight!

  • “Classic”: Sing alone or hold a big party with your friends. Pitch is king-can you break the score record and reach the top of the global leaderboard?

  • “Remix 2.0”: Mix different songs to create your own unique mixing tape. Each mix is ​​dynamically generated to ensure that the playlist will never repeat.

  • “Guest”: Find your perfect soulmate! The better you sing together, the higher your score will be. Sing along with your relatives and friends, or even team up with your idols and perform with a burst of lights.

  • “World Contest”: It’s up to you to fight the world! Challenge friends or other singers from all over the world online to get to the top of the charts.

  • “Jukebox”: Relax and enjoy your next improvisation.

  • “Party Mode”: Eight players, two teams and a randomly selected game mode make Let’s Sing party different.

  • “Playlist Creator”: You can choose the mode you want to play and the songs you want to sing. You can also create your own playlist and play songs in “Classic” and “Guest” modes.


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