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“God of War” on the PC version of GeForce Now has a false alarm, NVIDIA refutes nothing about it | 4Gamers

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In the past few days, the tumultuous “God of War” PC appeared in GeForce Now rumors. NVIDIA has come forward to confirm that everything is only an internal test, without any official release or game release intention; now the access to the list has been closed.

This NVIDIA statement obtained by PC Gamer points out that the list of games exposed in GeForce Now comes from an unauthorized internal document. The content of this list does not represent any confirmation or official information, and does not contain any undisclosed game versions or Personal information is exposed.

It happened like this. NVIDIA’s game streaming platform GeForce Now was recently cracked by a software engineer, Ighor July, and found that there was a list of more than 18,000 games. Although a reminder message has been sent to NVIDIA, no response has been received.

The list is a collection of PS home games “God of War”, Nintendo’s “Super Mario Bros. Wii”, unknown new work in development, and even the “Freak Time 2 Remake Collection” created by community players are all on the list.

Based on the frequent actions of the PC and even the cloud streaming platform, as soon as the news came out, public opinion was boiling, and all parties speculated whether it was another platform revolution.

However, the engineer soon discovered that this list included too many “unlikely” (Or simply impossible) The ported game should boldly speculate that it is most likely a test project of NVIDIA’s internal engineers.

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Now that the truth is clear, it looks like it is really an internal test, although NVIDIA has not further explained the intent of the test, in short… just serve as a reference.


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