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Goodbye to Andrea Ghiselli, the wise face of nutrition

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Goodbye to Andrea Ghiselli, the wise face of nutrition

Beloved Nutrition Specialist Andrea Ghiselli Passes Away at 74

The world of nutrition and health has lost a formidable figure with the passing of Andrea Ghiselli, a renowned nutrition specialist who was known for his advocacy of the Mediterranean diet and his contributions to nutritional research. Ghiselli, who passed away at the age of 74 at the Regina Elena hospital in Rome, had been hospitalized for an illness that was initially believed to be less serious than it turned out to be.

Ghiselli was widely respected for his emphasis on moderation and the Mediterranean diet, which he often championed as the best approach to healthy eating. He believed in the principle of little of everything and was a firm advocate of the diet of our ancestors, with meat reserved only for special occasions.

Throughout his career, Ghiselli was deeply involved in promoting healthy eating guidelines and was a part of the scientific committees of several prestigious study and research centers. Even after retiring, he remained committed to his passion for promoting healthy eating, launching a website called “sapermangiare.mobi” where users could track the calorie content of their meals.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ghiselli was known for his warm and amicable personality. He was described as a lovable person who was both a serious professional and someone who cherished a good laugh in the company of friends and colleagues. His dedication to his work was unwavering, and he always approached new nutrition studies with the curiosity of a true scholar.

Ghiselli’s influence extended beyond his professional sphere, as he was known for his empathetic nature and genuine kindness. Colleagues and friends fondly remembered his eagerness to receive feedback after video interviews and his commitment to his work, even during vacations.

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The loss of Andrea Ghiselli has been deeply felt by those who had the pleasure of knowing him, and he will be sorely missed by all who were touched by his warmth and wisdom. A funeral service will be held in the church of Sant’Ippolito in Rome on Thursday, the 22nd of October at 11am. Andrea Ghiselli leaves behind a legacy of dedication to promoting healthy eating and a genuine spirit that will be remembered by many.

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