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Gym, is it better to eat before or after? Here comes the definitive answer | They have always lied to you until now

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Gym, is it better to eat before or after?  Here comes the definitive answer |  They have always lied to you until now

When is the Best Time to Eat Before or After Training?

Is it better to eat before or after training? Many are asking this and the answer from the experts has finally arrived.

In recent years, much emphasis has been placed on the importance of practicing physical activity to keep your body healthy. According to experts, following a healthy diet is essential, but when combined with regular physical activity, the beneficial effects on the body multiply further.

The population seems to have understood the importance of playing sports, as demonstrated by data published by Istat and the “Sports Department” of the Ministry. The percentage of people who decide to practice physical activity has steadily increased after the pandemic.

According to the Istat Report, the percentage of people over 3 years old who regularly practice sports is 66.2%, up from 59.1% in 2000. Additionally, the percentage of those who do not practice any activity has decreased from 37.5% to 33.7%. However, only 10.5% of people practice physical activity continuously.

Practicing physical activity continuously should be a priority for maintaining health. However, many struggle to find time to dedicate to sport due to private and work commitments. This leads to the common question of whether it is better to eat before or after the gym.

What to Eat Before Training

Eating before or after training is one of the doubts that afflicts those who practice physical activity, especially when they find themselves going to the gym close to mealtimes.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it can vary based on age, physique, type of training, and goals. It is best to seek advice from experts such as trainers and dieticians. However, there are principles that apply to everyone.

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It is important not to exercise during digestion to avoid stomach discomfort, and it is best not to train completely on an empty stomach. The advice is to consume a complete but light meal at least a couple of hours before training. If this is not possible, an energetic snack can suffice, with a complete meal consumed after training.

It is also important to fuel yourself during training. For normal physical activity, hydrating with water is sufficient. However, for high-intensity training for a prolonged period, it may be beneficial to supplement with mineral salts and sugars. After training, it is advisable to wait at least thirty minutes before consuming a meal. In the case of intense physical activity, a protein snack can be included to aid muscle recovery.

As the importance of physical activity and nutrition becomes increasingly recognized, it is essential to understand the best practices for eating before and after training to optimize performance and results.

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