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Gynecoloco: “Relationship with me to heal”. The promises of the Apulian doctor

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The gynecologist’s promises to patients to “cleanse them of the papilloma virus” with unprotected sexual intercourse

a world famous professional for scientific studies and publications. 68-year-old retired physician but still practicing his profession in a private practice in the center of Bari and brother of two other professors, one of whom is pediatrics (Vito Miniello), a homozygous twin and the other surgeon (Stefano Miniello) also candidate for the last Regionals in Puglia with the Emilian list. Ends in the Prosecutor’s Office the case, lifted from the transmission Hyenas, of the gynecologist Giovanni Miniello, Apulian doctor reported by a patient following a visit because “he wanted to cure me – he said Anna Maria, the 33-year-old from Bari who started the investigation – with sexual intercourse. Then I found out that I wasn’t sick. “

The young woman said that the gynecologist (which, some sources refer to Affaritaliani.it, unusually he visited patients without the assistance of a nurse which instead must always be present in the case of gynecologists), revealed to her during the consultation with having “saved so many women from cancer, all those with which “has”had contact “, because in this way” they negativized themselves”. I ”contacts”Of which Miniello speaks, however, they are sexual intercourse with patients, to whom he would have diagnosed the papilloma virus, assuring them that he would cure and heal them, indeed “reclaimed” e “immunizzate“, thanks to unprotected relationships with him, as “vaccinated” atHpv.

The story of Anna Maria who turned to Giovanni Miniello

I couldn’t get pregnant, for this I was looking for a gynecologist who would investigate my case. And so I went to his study. I thought he was a capable, prepared professional, ”he said Anna Maria a Republic. Miniello’s attitude, however, did not convince her right away. “He was too outgoing, he did not behave as expected of a doctor. I explained to him the reason for the visit. And he began to tell me about the Papilloma virus. I was told that I had to get a pap smear ”.

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During the consultation, Miniello told her about the years in which he worked in the hospital, about the relations with postgraduates. The reason? “Eight out of ten were positive, but after he got vaccinated” he realized that “the women he had relationships with were negativized” and to put the woman at ease Miniello boasted moreover of first-ranked publications, of teaching in Cuba and Guatemala, of nicknames on his manhood.

“If you find a vaccine, you have to beg for intercourse because it gives you the antibodies

“I’m a open mind, a transgressive, a pirate, a privateer “, said the gynecologist, adding:”I donate antibodies and heal. If you find a vaccine, you have to beg for intercourse because it gives you antibodies“. “During another visit – said Anna Maria – she asked me to turn around, to assume a certain position“. And “during the final part, when I was getting dressed – continued the young woman – I touched her breast, not even giving me time to understand what was happening. He stroked me hard, saying he liked girls with small breasts, “she added.

At that point the decision of contact a lawyer and consult other gynecologists from whom he learned that he “does not have any tumor”. The story ended with the young woman from Bari who, after having contacted Miniello again “because she should have given me the result of the pap-test ”, he has recorded the call, sending everything at Hyenas also to “protect other women perhaps weaker. “It is hypothesized in fact dozens of possible victims.

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“He told me that this type of analysis is not reliable. And he explained to me that only he and another person from Rome could have healed me, with sexual intercourse. And he pointed to me an appointment where we could meet”Concluded Anna Maria.

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