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Renzi alla Leopolda: “The Open investigation, a superprocess that not even the mafia roundups. The investigators violated laws, not us “

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«It is clear that the procedural question will be seen by lawyers and the process will probably end in 2027. In this process, the 92 thousand papers speak of illegal financing of politics. Did you steal some money? Then you discover that those money are not only all traced, but all reclaimed. The subject of the dispute is not illicit financing. The theme is the illegal financing of politics. These traced money went to a foundation. But according to the prosecutor it pretended to be a foundation but it was a party. A superprocess that I miss the Mafia roundups ». Matteo Renzi spoke to Leopolda about the investigation into the Open Foundation.

«Who decides what is politics and what is not? In democratic countries this is decided by Parliament. Where the magistrates decide, the democratic system is not correctly defined, if a judge decides, democratic freedom is at risk“. And again: “In this affair we have not violated any laws, others have violated article 68 of the Constitution”. The acquisition of Matteo Renzi’s current account, the former premier asked himself, “corresponds to the desire to go and understand the criminal relevance of a current account, or simply to carry out a political operation that in technical terms is called disgrace media? ” “It is up to you to understand if it was an act aimed at taking the cards and using them in a procedure – he said, addressed to the audience – or simply to play the media part”. According to Renzi, in fact, “this process is a media process”, thus “we are not talking about Venezuela, we are not talking about masks”.

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The former premier also pointed the finger at the disproportion of the articles on this matter, compared to the lack of attention on other larger issues: “Since in this country in recent years there has also been a pandemic with 150 thousand deaths and a series of contracts under investigation for more than a billion euros, I would like there to be an article out of every hundred on Open on why they do not want to make a commission to investigate Covid contracts “.

Then he attacked the Democratic Party: «Who knows what Leopolda was and is silent today has a cowardly silence. The Democratic Party is incomprehensibly the most reluctant party on solidarity ». He was very sarcastic about Bersani: «Bersani received 98 thousand euros from Riva for his electoral campaign. He talks about ethics and says he has never even had a coffee. But how much do the coffees cost in Taranto …? ». Or: “Bersani received money from the Riva, which could have been used to protect the environment, instead they financed Bersani’s electoral campaign, who must have the courage to say that he took the VAT money in Taranto and I I put the battered city back in place. D’Alema destroyed MPS that not even the plague. I am ready to confront Bersani, with 5 stars and relations with Venezuela, but the essence of Open is that it organized the Leopolda ».

Renzi also talks about his current: «The magistrates think that the currents work as in the judiciary. If we did that we would take warranty notices for influence traffic. The Renzian current in the Democratic Party did not exist, but if you want to find a relationship between the contribution and the current, the two leaders, one from party one in the government, were Lorenzo Guerini and Paolo Gentiloni, who had no economic relationship with Open ” .

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Then he thanked Irene Tinagli «who had had nothing from me» and was «the only one to give me solidarity».

Ddl Zan, Renzi: “Sinistra blablabla Pd and 5 Stelle have deluded people, they must be ashamed”

In general, according to Renzi «guaranteeism is right, justicialism is wrong, guaranteeism is to justicialism like democracy to dictatorship, to be guarantors is to be respectful of the Constitution. Sometimes they don’t notice and come out with absurd phrases. At one time a prime minister – said Renzi referring clearly to Giuseppe Conte – and a minister of justice (Renzi here speaks of Bonafede) said “no to isms”, as if they were the same. Where did they get their degree, with the points? ».

The leader IV announced a legislative initiative: «We can present an amendment with writing that extends the protection of the Mancino law to crimes motivated by homophobia, transphobia and skill. We from Leopolda launch this challenge: the rule is simple, whoever is up to it will vote for whoever is not there is a prophet of bla bla. I present an amendment to the Senate and let’s see who is there. ” Matteo Renzi said it this afternoon at the Leopolda in Florence. The proposal, added Ivan Scalfarotto, will be presented “before the end of the legislature”.

«The Zan story – said Renzi – is one of the most serious. Because an impacting and significant argument was used for the lives of many men and women, homosexuals, transsexuals, making them believe that they were one step away from a historical milestone and then rubbing them at the last minute, thinking they could get a consent”. Then he continued: “Anyone who has disappointed thousands of people to wave a flag simply has to be ashamed, it happened for the responsibility of the right and left of the bla bla bla, starting with the left of the Pd and the M5s”. And Matteo Salvini replied to him on twitter: «Increase the penalties for those who discriminate, offend or attack on the basis of sexual orientation? For me you can also vote tomorrow, so much so that there is a bill signed by me in the Senate. If children, educational freedom and freedom of thought are not brought up, the law can be voted on in two minutes ».

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