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“He only shows up on social media…”. Schlein in the crosshairs of the Pd base

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“He only shows up on social media…”.  Schlein in the crosshairs of the Pd base

Not even three months after its official settlement at the Nazarene, the pot inside the Democratic Party of Emilia Romagna really begins to boil in the direction Elly Schlein. The defeat in the primaries for the national secretariat on 26 February has not yet been digested at all within the current headed by Stefano Bonaccini and now someone is using the fresh scoppola as an excuse administrative elections he increased the disagreements of the dem base with the former MEP. The criticisms, collected in some well-informed background published by the Corriere della Seramainly concern personal and political relationships.

Very little is found, you always have to chase it and to know what the party line is we just have to look at social media and wait for a signal“, confided from the Emilia-Romagna Democratic Party. Precisely that region that gave Schlein a personal success of preferences in January 2020 (and the subsequent vice-presidency) is probably the last outpost where there is a minimum of structure and organization. And, at apparently, the way in which the secretary understands internal communication does not cross the needs of a party that needs certainties and stability more than ever.

Identity, candidacy, alliance: Schlein’s future challenges

For the moment, however, the only certainties that have been certified in these one hundred days of “Schleinian reign” are the electoral debacles that the Democratic Party has come across: first the Friuli Venezia Giulia and then the recent municipal ones, complete with Caporetto also in the red stronghold of Ancona. Despite these blows, Bonaccini still maintains good relations with the dem secretary: certainly better than the governor’s loyalists who have not yet digested the setback of the primaries and who are now waiting for her at the gate. Also because there are so many open games: le European nominations for 2024, the administrative challenges in Modena, Forlì, Cesena, Ferrara and Reggio Emilia again next year, not to mention the match of the Regionals in 2025 which is still to be written waiting to understand if Bonaccini will be able by law to apply for a third party.

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Meanwhile, rediscover the sense of an identity of left (if it can still be called that) will be Schlein’s true mission. How will it behave with the shipment of arms to Ukraine, with the waste-to-energy plant in Rome and with the alliance with the 5 Star Movement? One militant recalls that “we only won in Vicenza, where they didn’t see it coming“. And it is seriously to be believed that, in case you don’t listen to the demonstrations of the Pd of Emilia (mostly anti-Schlein), it will be you “see coming” his enemies.

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