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here are the 7 symptoms not to be underestimated for any reason

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Cancer, how to avoid anything that increases the risk of developing this terrible disease: here is the list.

What increases the risk of cancer (Photo: Pixabay).

There are more and more people who, unfortunately, they are battling cancer; fortunately, if diagnosed in time, very often it can also be beaten, but certainly the struggle leaves its marks on a physical and psychological level.

Some cancers are hereditary, but how do you avoid anything that increases your risk of developing one? there some vices that should be kept under control to prevent cancer.

Cancer, the vices to avoid to prevent it

A healthy lifestyle made up of physical activity and good nutrition, as well as a daily rhythm that allows our body and brain to relax are all factors that certainly help to prevent any diseases, such as cancer.

But what are the vices absolutely to avoid in order not to run the risk of favoring cancer? According to what was reported by the experts, certainly smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can “help” this terrible disease; as we all know, it is best to avoid cigarettes and consume various drinks and alcohol in moderation.

Furthermore, eating unhealthy foods damages our body, as well as being overweight; it is always good to pay attention to nutrition and your weight to get better, as well as it is recommended to do physical activity by abandoning a sedentary life.

cancer risk
Avoiding smoking helps prevent cancer (Photo: Pixabay).

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Other risk factors can be derived from having casual unprotected sex, as well as taking performance-enhancing drugs. As reported by GreenMe, the director of the Piedmontese cancer network, Oscar Bertetto, explains how early prevention allows not only a better state of health for the patient but also a public health savings.

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In short, with one particular attention to one’s health and responsible behavior, yes they have 360 ° benefits for us, for those close to us and for the whole community.

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