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horror on the banks of the Po

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horror on the banks of the Po

The bag lay between the shallow water and the bank. Dramatic discovery on the banks of the Po river. The watercourse, dry these days, has returned a gym bag: inside the crouched and mutilated body of a woman. Two weeks after the tragedy of Carol Maltesi, killed and torn to pieces in Rescaldina, a new story that seems to come directly from a horror film in northern Italy.

Occhiobello: corpse of a mutilated woman in a duffel bag

The bag would have been thrown into the water upstream of the river, it was impossible to determine from where, and the current would have dragged it to Polesine, in Occhiobello, in the province of Rovigo. It is investigated: a file has been opened in the prosecutor’s office against unknown persons with the hypothesis of murder. It would be a woman, killed and then beheaded. The alarm was raised Monday afternoon by a worker in the area, engaged in some work along the embankment. The unbearable smell coming from the bag prompted him to call 112. And since then the whole area has been cordoned off. Her body was decomposed but not in bad condition: and with the external examination the investigators understood that it is a woman. Fair complexion, indefinite age. The autopsy will give more information.

In the Polesana area no missing women are reported, while two Paduan women who were killed and never found come to mind. But if the crime of Isabella Noventa, the 55-year-old who disappeared from Noventa Padovana in January 2016, appears too dated to relate to the macabre discovery, a little more plausible, even if the investigators are skeptical, could be the connection with the murder of Samira El Attar, Stanghella’s 43-year-old mother of whom there has been no news since October 2019, and for whose death her husband has already been sentenced to life in prison. However, the times do not seem to coincide with the state of conservation of her body. The name of Saman Abbas was also mentioned, the eighteen-year-old who disappeared from Novellara on April 30, 2021. After all, the geographical area affected by the investigations is large, between Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. A wide-ranging investigation is being carried out in the provinces of Rovigo, Padua, Ferrara, Modena and Mantua », says Colonel Emilio Mazza, provincial commander of the Rovigo carabinieri.

The investigations are obviously very complicated. The fact that the bag was not thrown at the point of the river where it was found, but rather that it was dragged by the current towards the Polesine, makes it almost impossible to circumscribe the area of ​​research. We will start from the databases, in search of a name.

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